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After Hurricane Ruined His Home, One Texas Man Recovered An Impossibly Tiny Thing

It was a busy August for Texans as they readily prepared for the worst possible situation one can imagine: A deadly hurricane primed to hit them head-on. Hurricane Harvey was anticipated to be one of the worst storms in history, and as fate would have it, it lived up to its moniker.

While the deadly storm lingered on the edge of landfall, many Texans fled their homes, taking their families to safety in one of the largest evacuations to occur in the Lone Star state to date.

Harvey Hits Hard

The Hurricane made landfall with a Category 4 classification, bringing winds of 130 miles per hour along with it.

It was estimated that the storm would be accompanied by torrential rainfall of up to 40 inches and a malevolent storm surge of up to 13 feet. The storm ripped through the streets of Texas with vicious might, tearing through trees, knocking down power poles, and flooding the streets.

When the storm subsided and it was safe to return, many Texans found themselves facing an unimaginable situation. Their homes were completely destroyed and their possessions were obliterated.

For many, seeing their homes in ruin was simply too much.

Moments Of Clarity For Texas

For others, moments of clarity slipped through the sadness.

After returning to his Port Arthur home, Michael Brown found himself standing waist deep in what was left of his home, struggling to find the silver lining in the situation.

“My family’s fine, nobody’s hurt, and that’s the main thing,” Brown told several local news agencies. “Because I think all this material stuff can be replaced. It’s just emotional.”

While acknowledging the importance of his family’s safety in comparison to their former physical belongings, Brown was suddenly surprised to see what happened to float across the room in front of his very eyes…

Sometimes, It’s Truly The Little Things

The impossibly small possession that survived the hurricane? His wife’s engagement ring.

Among the waters of wreckage, Brown found solace in the tiny item.

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