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Hurricane Survivors In Bahamas Get Generators From Anonymous Florida Farmer

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When a natural disaster strikes, everyday people step into the role of superheroes and angels. Hurricane Dorian managed to devastate the Bahamas and other vulnerable regions in the Caribbean. An unnamed farmer in Jacksonville, Florida, who was shopping at Costco decided he would do his part to help.

Secret Shopper Revealed

If it weren’t for Alec Sprague’s curiosity about another shopper’s hefty Costco bill, a good deed might have gone unreported. Alec was shopping at a Florida Costco for a $450 generator, when he realized the guy ahead of him was purchasing 100 generators. Once Sprague discovered the 100 generators were going to be sent to the Bahamas to help victims of Hurricane Dorian, he had to do something.

Sprague took a photo of the anonymous shopper from behind, who only identified himself as a farmer. He quickly took to social media to share the event on Facebook. Alec wanted to share this story because the anonymous man’s actions touched him. Sprague commented, “I had to go up to him and say, ‘Thank you for doing this.'” Sprague’s Facebook post of his time at Costco received 35K shares, 19K likes, and 3K comments, a touching thanks from thousands of people seeing the story on social media.

Focus On The Need

Despite the media attention shown toward the farmer, lauding his selfless actions, he didn’t wish to be identified. The anonymous donor replied, “You see a need and you fill it.” He didn’t want his actions to shift focus away from the hardships faced by hurricane survivors in the Bahamas. “It’s important that we help each other out. It’s better than just sitting there,” said the farmer. The supplies were heading to Grand Bahama and Abaco, two islands that had suffered the hardest blow from the Category 5 storm.

Sending supplies to the Bahamas was a personal mission for the farmer. Longtime friends of the farmer, boat captain Errol Thurston, had their hometown destroyed because of Dorian. Thurston posted photos of generators, food, and chainsaws waiting in a warehouse to go to the Bahamas on Facebook. The pictures received 77 comments, 384 likes, and 366 shares. He left the encouraging message, “Hold firm.” Connecting with his farmer friend, Thurston reached out to his network of friends to get supplies to the Bahamas.

A Good Deed Known

If it weren’t for people sharing stories on social media, the plight of survivors in the Bahamas might have faded from the public eye. After Dorian passed over the Bahamas as a Category 5 storm, 20 people tragically lost their lives. For almost two days, the storm dumped rain, ripped roofs from properties, and left a major airport underwater. Thurston has been collecting medicine, food, clothes, and water from everywhere in Florida to send to the Bahamas. The boat captain hopes that a container ship that regularly travels to Grand Bahama an Abaco can transport supplies for the people displaced and hurt by the storm.

The anonymous farmer in Costco has been friends with Thurston since meeting in the 2000s. The devastation that struck the Bahamas requires plenty of aid to speed up recovery. Good people like the farmer and his friends are determined to do what they can to be part of the solution. Thanks to media outlets sharing this story online, more people have chipped in to help the Bahamas. Deanna Watson commented on Fox4‘s Facebook, “What an awesome guy!” Another user, Mike Augustine, responded, “God Bless the man who stepped up to the plate!” At a time when the Internet can be heartless, people’s reaction to this story proves that positivity and kindness still exist.

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