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Thoughtful Husband Surprises His Wife With A Well-Deserved Gift

Erik and Brittany Mallasch, parents of three young children in Anchorage, Alaska, were living the family life. They were going to work, raising a family, and doing all the things they needed to do to keep their family cared for and happy. Erik felt his wife deserved a break from the daily normalcy of life, so he decided to do something special for her to show his appreciation.

The Family

Erik and Brittany are the proud parents of three young kids. He works as a carpenter and spends his work time creating pieces to offer his clients, family, and friends. Brittany works outside the home too and also spends her time at home with Erik, helping to raise their family. In fact, that’s what they’ve both been concentrating on for almost a decade.

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The Grind

Erik decided that the everyday routine wasn’t enough for his wife. She deserved a little something special! So, he used his creative skills to devise a plan to surprise her. The surprise was big, so it wasn’t easy keeping it from Brittany. She was so busy in her daily grind, though, it made the planning a little bit easier.

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The Secret

While Brittany worked and continued to take care of the house and kids, Erik worked around her. He contacted her employer and her best friend to prepare for the surprise and make it possible. He packed everything she would need on this surprising journey, all without revealing a thing to her. The surprise was getting bigger, which made it difficult to keep the secret.

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The Surprise

One morning when she was getting ready for work, Erik appeared at the bathroom door and told her she wouldn’t be going to work that day. He handed her a small brown paper gift bag, and then he handed her another and another. All of the bags included a small piece of the surprise. She had $500, a passport, and a plane ticket.

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The Trip

Erik had arranged for Brittany to take a 10-day trip with her best friend to Germany. He got her time off of work, arranged the plane, hotel, and all the accommodations. She didn’t have to do a thing. The only thing Brittany had to do was board the plane within 24 hours and have the time of her life. She was thrilled and Erik pulled off the best surprise gift anyone could ever ask for.

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