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Husband Trades Household Chores With Wife, Quickly Regrets His Choice

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Have you ever felt that your partner just wasn’t doing enough around the house? Although this is an issue that many couples go through, Reddit poster HusbandWife18273 took it to the next level when his wife challenged him to perform her household duties. What happens next has the Internet cracking up. Read on to hear more about the husband who traded his household chores with his wife and quickly regretted his choice.

One Small Request

The saga of HusbandWife18273’s domestic struggle began on June 5, 2019, when he first shared his story on a subreddit. The husband’s tale began, “I thought my wife and I shared chores relatively evenly. I took care of landscaping, cooking breakfast, and fixing things around the house and car maintenance and she did everything else.” The tormented husband continued, “She always complained and nagged me to do more but I felt it was even. She dared me to swap chores for a week and I agreed and figured it would be great to get a week off from some of the heavier labor.”

However, instead of having the relaxing week off that he had planned for, it turned out to be much harder than the Reddit poster thought to do a woman’s work. In fact, HusbandWife18273 reported that he was “cooked” after several days, saying “I had to manage where everyone was going and what needed to get done, and my wife didn’t let me get away with any ‘slacking’ like ordering food in or letting dishes sit in the sink.” Looks like this guy found out that what women really want is for a man to clean up around the house!

The Challenge Begins

Within two days, HusbandWife18273 told Reddit users that he was practically begging his wife to assist him with his daily tasks. Yet, his wife rejected his plea for help, especially since she was loving her time away from family errands. The Reddit poster wrote on the social media forum, “She wouldn’t help with anything.”

The exhausted husband continued to tell Reddit his wife “just [hung] out with our kids while I cooked and cleaned and made sure their lives were in order. When it ended, I told her I understood her point but I was furious with her for abandoning me and leaving that work on me when she knew it wasn’t fair.” Astonishingly, HusbandWife18273’s post received massive acclaim on the social media site, gaining 2,300 upvotes and almost 700 comments.

Holding On By A Thread

Of course, the Internet had a variety of opinions ranging from support for HusbandWife18273’s fed-up wife to applause for the frazzled husband. One Reddit reader even accused the Reddit poster’s wife of exaggerating her husband’s car maintenance and yard work duties, stating that they only need to be done on the weekends. Another Reddit user chimed in to say that although replacing your car’s oil can wait several days, making dinner for your kids and getting your family ready for bed is a much more pressing matter.

While HusbandWife18273 defended himself on the forum, saying he just asked his wife for a small amount of help, the Internet just wasn’t having it. Many Reddit readers suggested that the man’s single torturous week of completing his wife’s household chores wasn’t enough to make up for all of the years that he thought they were equals. Nonetheless, other Reddit readers came to the poor husband’s defense, claiming that his wife was petty not to offer her help once he had admitted defeat. Guess HusbandWife18273 bit off more than he could chew!

Take a look at HusbandWife18273’s original Reddit thread here:

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