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Husband Gives Wife Makeover Gift And His Reaction Is More Amazing Than The Results

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What’s the perfect gift for a woman who already has it all? That’s what Mamie’s husband needed to find out. She was already beautiful inside and out and she was living a great life. After a little thought, he knew exactly what to give her. He cracked the code when he gave his grateful wife the gift of confidence. Mamie had been struggling with the way her looks were changing as she aged. She didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin, and she found styling her newly gray hair to be an unexpected challenge. As a surprise Christmas gift, he drove his wife from Moorhead, Minnesota, all the way to the big city of Minneapolis to receive a makeover from the world-renowned Makeover Guy. Both husband and wife were stunned by the results.

Visiting An Expert

The Makeover Guy (also known as Christopher Hopkins) has been extremely successful over the past few decades. He has added appearances on both national and local talk shows to his resume. For a time, he even had a television show of his own, and, now, he posts the amazing results of his stunning transformations on YouTube. He is known for getting dramatic results by changing very subtle elements of his clients’ look. Out of the hundreds or even thousands of clients he has serviced, one of them stands out as very special. Mamie was already a beautiful woman inside and out, but something was bothering her.

At sixty years old, she had to re-learn how to do her own hair. She expected her hair to change color with age, but she didn’t expect it to change its texture. Her usually straight her became coarse and harder to style. Local hairdressers struggled to style Mamie’s hair just as much as she did. Her husband said that at times she would come home from a haircut in tears because she was so frustrated with receiving disappointing results.

The Results

At the end of the makeover, Mamie glowed with confidence. Watch for yourself: 

Anyone in the room could clearly see that the changes had solved a huge problem for the kind woman. It was as if a weight had lifted off her shoulders She was visibly more comfortable on camera, and she couldn’t seem to stop smiling or touching her fabulous hair.  Now, she could see the beauty that the rest of the world saw.

The results of the makeover were not all that shocking because Mamie was beautiful before a single product was applied to her. The Makeover Guy gave her a light dusting of makeup to accentuate her natural features. He also gave her a cute haircut, leaving her hair in a stylish shorter hairstyle. He was the first hairstylist to give Mamie a style that worked with her new texture rather than against it. This subtle yet stunning transformation was a perfect sample of the Makeover Guys work. He doesn’t always make dramatic changes to his subjects, but he always makes them look great and feel even better.

A Heartwarming Reaction

Mamie was clearly happy with her new look, but the way her husband reacted is almost more impressive than the results of the makeover. Before during and after the makeover, the doting husband looked at his wife with pure love and affection. He constantly reassured her that he thought she was beautiful. It was clear that his happiness stemmed, not merely from the love of a new look but, from seeing his wife so happy with her looks for the first time in a long time.

Although looks may not be the most important things in life. The one of a kind husband realized that he could help his wife’s self-confidence with s makeover. This kind couple is clearly looking forward to many more decades of love.

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