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Husband Learns To Do Wife’s Makeup For Her Before She Goes Blind

In a loving relationship, there’s little a partner wouldn’t do to help support their spouse. When one woman in England began to lose her vision, her husband found the sweetest way to keep her feeling confident in her appearance!

Supporting Through Sickness And Health

Mona and Des Monahan are a devoted elderly couple from Ireland. Des, who is 84, is showing how immense his love for his wife is. He truly defines the standard of “in sickness and in health!”

Mona is 83, and as a result of her age, she’s recently begun to struggle with her vision. Eventually, she will lose her eyesight entirely. Mona values her appearance and was worried about the impact of her encroaching blindness on her makeup abilities. However, Des wasn’t about to let his wife’s concerns ruin her confidence.

Keeping His Wife Confident

Des knew how much Mona cared about her beauty routine. He knew how difficult losing her eyesight could be on her self esteem. So, Des decided to make sure she didn’t have to give up what made her feel gorgeous!

The faithful husband decided to enroll in classes to learn how to do his wife’s makeup for her! “She won’t be able to do her makeup in the future,” Des explained, “so I thought the quicker I learned the better.” Des has already gotten started on his lessons, and the results are as precious as they are stunning.

Mona’s Gratitude For Des’ Love

With help from a makeup artist at their local Debenhams store, Des has picked up the craft with ease. Since starting lessons last fall, Des has mastered a variety of looks! Both the makeup artist and Mona have been incredibly impressed with Des’ accomplishments.

“I struggle to see colors of different shades now,” Mona explained, “but thanks to Des I know my makeup will always look great.” Des’ love and devotion to his wife are heartwarming. And Mona is thrilled for what gorgeous looks he’ll continue to come up with for her!

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