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Husband Thinks Wife Is Announcing Her Pregnancy, But Wasn’t Expecting This!

It’s a… puppy? You usually see gender reveal photos featuring couples who are expecting babies, but have you ever seen a reveal photo shoot for a dog? That’s exactly what this woman decided to do to surprise her husband that she was bringing home an adopted dog. It’s probably the most adorable thing you will see today!

Rescued Dog

After searching for many months to find a rescue dog, Joy Stone finally was able to rescue and adopt a seven-week-old golden retriever mix, Rey, into her family after she was found abandoned alongside a railroad track in Texas. It was love at first sight, and she knew her husband would love the puppy as well.

Photographed by Carlye Allen via Facebook

Setting Up The Photo Shoot

Thinking of a creative way to surprise her husband with the new family addition, Stone arranged for her photographer best friend, Carlye Allen, to photograph puppy reveal photos. While her husband may have first thought she was announcing a pregnancy, he was overjoyed at the announcement of their new bundle of joy.

Photographed by Carlye Allen via Facebook

Social Media Shares

Stone’s unique photos have spread on social media, gathering comments from pet lovers on the adorable photo shoot. Joy has nothing but positive things to say about her new dog, as well.

“She is so sweet and has loved everyone she has met so far,” Stone said. “She can get extremely playful and absolutely loves running around.”

Photographed by Carlye Allen via Facebook


Adopt, Not Shop

Rey, named after a Star Wars character, has grown close to the couple’s older dog, Kairi. She is happy to be loved and knows she is in a safe environment. Now Stone and Allen are using their fun story to inspire others to adopt, rather than buy pets from a retail store.

Photographed by Carlye Allen via Facebook

Inspiring Others

After their photo shoot went viral on social media, Stone and Allen decided to inspire others to follow in Stone’s footsteps and adopts animals who desperately need homes, just like Rey. They have partnered with an animal shelter and will be hosting “Doggie and Me” photo shoots in June. The sessions will be donation-based with the proceeds benefiting the animal shelter.

Photographed by Carlye Allen via Facebook

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