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Look Out Roomba, These Tidying Robots Pick Up More Than Dust Bunnies

Despite high expectations for modern technology, most robots have yet to show impressive capabilities. Don’t feel like cleaning your room? Tidying robots displayed at CEATEC Japan can handle the task, using a combination of cameras, AI, and intuitive response.

Move Over Roomba

Currently, access to functional robots with a real-life application for home and office is limited to glorified vacuum cleaners. Preferred Networks and Toyota Motor Corporation is seeking to change this scenario, as technology continues to integrate into our everyday lives.

While in a room filled with items strewn about, a tidy-bot was able to sort out the clutter with ease. Impressively, a tidy-bot was able to collect a series of pens and put them all in the upright position. The robots use deep learning and intuitively respond to both verbal and non-verbal instruction.

That Robot Lifestyle

Improved robot technology is creating robots that can think and respond quickly to the needs of humans. People who are older or have mobility challenges were the targeted demographic for the tidy-bot system, as they could use help around the house.

The tidy-bot uses its camera mounted at the top to identify objects, and picks up and places things with a folding arm. Each tidy-bot is capable of moving at a maximum speed of 800 meters per hour, and quickly maps out a room to navigate around furniture.

Slow But Sure To Clean

Although the tidy-bot is capable of learning about your stuff and the proper place to put it, don’t get overly excited just yet. The tidy-bot is still slower than the average able-bodied human and not yet available for commercial release.

Until the robots come calling to clean, old-fashioned elbow grease is going to have to suffice.

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