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These Images Of Pampered Dogs Prove None Of Us Are Living Our Best Lives Yet

Dogs are easy to please as long as there’s food in their bowls, a comfy place to sleep, good playtime and plenty of human love. In return, they give us a loyalty and admiration that is unconditional. Although they don’t require much in the way of luxuries, these pups are pampered like royalty, and it’ll make you a little jealous if we’re being honest.

Sunday Dinner

This Bison Frise is hooked up with a full place setting, including utensils, for his royal dog bone. You can almost hear the classical music playing in the background.

Skinny Ms.

Traveling Bed

This fluffy guy travels in style and comfort in his padded car seat. He not only can curl up in comfort during his ride, the seat is high enough where he can look out the window with ease.

The Great Taste of the Grove

Hello Kitty

Four chihuahuas patiently wait in their owner’s fancy Hello Kitty carry-all while she enjoys a meal at a local restaurant. Or maybe they’re just waiting for their doggy bags.

The Telegraph

Giggy Vanderpump

Anyone who watches The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills knows the very pampered Giggy. Here he is resting on his royal pillow. Did you know he has a full wardrobe?

Pedestrian TV

Lounging Around

Laid out on his specialized bed, this pampered pooch enjoys all the perks of being rich. It’s unlikely he’s able to take full advantage of the tea set, however.

Dustin Walker/Laurel & Wolf

Canopy Bed

It looks like a royal bedroom shrunken to puppy size for this pampered dog. You have to wonder if he undoes the tie-backs for a little privacy.

Dustin Walker/Laurel & Wolf

Happy Birthday

Lots of people celebrate their dog’s birthdays, but do they put out this kind of spread? Pupcakes, bones, wrapped presents and balloons adorn the table for this spoiled pair.

UK Dog News

Ready To Travel

From the look of this pug’s mug, you would think he’s not enjoying his custom-made suitcase bed. With the decor in the background and a picture of his owners in the corner, though, how could he not?


Roller Poodles

These pampered poodles never have to walk again, thanks to their puppy stroller. No leashes here! Just enjoying the fresh air and the waterfront in style.

The Telegraph

Escalating Elite

When our beloved pets get older, sometimes they have trouble with the stairs. Not these guys! This customized chair-lift takes them to the second floor for bed without worry.

Rossparry Co. UK

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