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Indonesian Teen Miraculously Survives 49 Days At Sea On Fishing Shack

An Indonesian teenager found himself stranded at sea for 49 days and managed to fend for himself before he was finally rescued!

Lost At Sea

Eighteen-year-old Aldi Novel Adilang worked on rompongs, or small wooden fish traps on the sea, since he was 16. The young man had recently been hired to light lamps around one of these small huts each night to attract fish. The owner of this rompong would send someone out each week to get the fish and provide a week’s worth of food and fuel for Aldi.

Things took a turn for Aldi when the floating hut, tied up near Indonesia’s North Sulawesi, was ripped out to sea by strong winds…with Aldi on it. The winds were so bad that the hut floated thousands of miles away from shore. The small rompong had no engine or rudder, so there was nothing Aldi could do but pray for rescue and try to stay alive.

Fighting to Survive

During his time trapped on the boat, Aldi used the cooking gas to cook fish that he caught. Once the gas ran out, he had to use wood from the fishing hut to start fires to cook the fish he caught. He was also forced to sip sea water that he had gathered from his clothes. Aldi would do whatever he had to do to stay alive.

As he drifted from Indonesia to Guam, Aldi attempted to catch the attention of merchant vessels passing by. However, none noticed him. In fact, over 10 ships passed sailed by without spotting him.

A Miraculous Rescue

Finally, after 49 days at sea, Aldi was discovered. A crew aboard the MV Arpeggio from Panama spotted him and was able to rescue him. Though weary, the teen had made it out alive.

The crew took Aldi to Japan where he was given special permission to enter “due to disaster.” He was given a medical evaluation before being brought back home to his worried family in Indonesia.”His boss told my husband that he went missing,” his mother, Net Kahiking, shared. “So, we just surrendered to God and kept praying hard.” Thankfully, this teen has made it back home after all he endured. What an incredible story of survival!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved