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Industrious Boy Designs Adorable Bow Ties For Rescue Animals To Help Them Get Adopted

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A young boy is using his special sewing skills and love of fashion in a very unique way. Sir Darius Brown has started his own business making bow ties for rescue dogs and cats to find a forever home of their own!

Sharpening His Skills

At the tender age of two, Sir Darius was diagnosed with speech, comprehension, and fine motor skills delay. However, his mother refused to let that stop him from making something great of himself. At eight-years-old, Sir Darius began watching his sister sew and started helping out. He would cut the fabric to help improve his motor skills. The young boy quickly fell in love with the craft. After honing his skills more, he began designing and creating his own bow ties. He would sell them to family, friends, and other customers that he would come across at events. Soon, Sir Darius’ skills as a designer would open the door for some very special customers in need of his help.

Beaux and Paws

In 2017, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey hit Louisiana, Texas, the Florida Keys, and other parts of the country, leaving massive devastation. Sir Darius was stunned to learn about all of the dogs and cats out there that had also lost their homes. He also discovered that, due to limited space each year, thousands of dogs are euthanized at some shelters if they aren’t adopted in time. With a love for dogs and other animals, Sir Darius decided to help as many animals as he could the way he knew best: through his bow ties. He began designing and creating bow ties for animals in hopes of making them look more attractive and fashionable. That way, they could be adopted faster and find a loving family to care for them. Sir Darius started by donating bow ties to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). He then began to donate these bow ties to animal shelters and adoption centers across the country as well as in the United Kingdom. He appropriately named his company, Beaux & Paws, and the business quickly grew. When customers purchased ties from Beaux & Paws, it helps Sir Darius not only purchase materials for the ties but also a portion of each sale is donated to the ASPCA.

Getting Praise

People are loving Sir Darius’ idea and the passion in which he executes his goals. He has received a lot of support and encouragement from many across the country and has been featured on several news outlets and websites. The young man has also received multiple awards for his work including the Leadership Award from Leaders of the Future No Limits, the Outstanding Achievement Award from the WDIB Conference, and the Youth Changer Award from Excel Honors. He has also been able to design bow ties for former NBA All-Star Allen Houston, motivational speaker Les Brown, Michael Strahan, reality TV personality Kenya Moore, and several others. Even former President Barack Obama acknowledged this young entrepreneur’s incredible work in a letter. “After hearing your story, I wanted to reach out to you to commend you for your commitment to community service,” part of the letter read. “From founding Beaux and Paws to lifting up the lives of those around you, it’s clear you are doing your part to look out for your fellow citizens.” Indeed, he is.

For the future, Sir Darius has plans to expand his business as an LLC and non-profit organization. He is visiting different shelters personally to volunteer and promote adoption. And, of course, he will continue making his wonderful bow ties for dogs and cats to hopefully find their forever homes. Sir Darius is going after his passion and impacting lives already. He’s definitely off to a great start in life!

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