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Inexpensive DIY Chicken Wire Crafts That Look Super Professional

Chicken wire is an inexpensive item to use in a variety of craft and home projects. If you’re looking for an easy DIY project that will add a touch of farmhouse or vintage glam to your home, chicken wire is a great option. From cardholders to refacing cabinets, using chicken wire in a DIY project will cost you pennies. Chicken wire is easily accessible at crafts stores, cuts quickly and can be glued or stapled with ease. Check out these simple DIY chicken wire projects.

Wire Card And Picture Holder

Display your holiday cards, favorite photos, kids birthday invitations and more using old frames and some chicken wire. These displays are a cute and functional way to display what matters to you. You can use any frame you have around the house, purchase new or salvage from a thrift shop. Paint it to your desired color and staple gun chicken wire to the back. Use clothes pins or small clips to secure your cards, invitations or photos.

Flower Sconce

If you’re looking for a unique way to display some fresh or artificial flowers, try this DIY moss flower sconce. This sconce uses wood pennant flags as the backing, chicken wire for the front and is filled with preserved moss sheets. You can hang it with a wire of your choice. If you’re filling them with real flowers, use stem water containers or small plastic bags filled with water and tape them around the stems. You can also use artificial flowers.

Back A Boring Wall Shelf

For a clever way to upgrade a boring wall shelf., look no further than chicken wire. You can add some visual interest to a hanging shelf by backing it with chicken wire and displaying your favorite trinkets or kitchen items. With a shelf of any shape, just cut the chicken wire to fit behind the shelf and glue it to the back. This will really help make your displays pop and add some dimension.

Earring Holder

Earrings tend to pile up in drawers, get tangled and mismatched. For an easy way to keep them organized and beautifully displayed, check out this chicken wire DIY. Purchase or use an old frame of your choice. You can paint or stain it to the color you’d like, then affix the chicken wire to the back. You can hang or pin your earrings right to the wire showing off your beautiful collection. This also makes finding the right pair a breeze.

Cabinet Doors

If you’re looking to upgrade an old cabinet, chicken wire is an inexpensive way to add a vintage touch. You can affix chicken wire right to glass or replace it. You can use this method to refurbish an old china cabinet or to change up the look of an existing kitchen or bathroom cabinet. Inside your newly refreshed cabinet, you can display china, glassware or decorative pieces.

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