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Injured Piglet Latches On To An Unlikely Friend After Narrowly Escaping Slaughter

A little piglet on the way to slaughter was miraculously rescued in a surprising turn of events. Instead of running to her rescuers for support, though, the piglet ultimately found comfort in a new best friend…

A Last-Minute Rescue

In Iowa, a three-week-old piglet named Marge was on her way to a feeding facility. The unsuspecting pig had no clue that she was to be fattened up and then slaughtered. However, on the journey there, Marge either fell or jumped off of the truck. She hit the ground so hard that her jaw was fractured and her body was pretty banged up.

Facebook / Iowa Farm Sanctuary

Animal control eventually found the poor pig and a local rescue group rushed to find her a home. The group connected with Shawn Camp, co-founder of Iowa Farm Sanctuary. Though the sanctuary was too full, the rescue group stressed that this was an emergency. Poor Marge was going to be put down if they didn’t hurry. After hearing that animal control was going to euthanize Marge, Shawn quickly agreed to take the piglet in.

A Surprising New Friend

Though she and her husband weren’t at the sanctuary, Shawn told the rescue group to drop Marge off. The couple had set up a room for the piglet in their home with food, water, and a warm place to sleep. Shawn also left behind a toy pig, hoping that Marge would find comfort in the toy. And boy did she!

Facebook / Iowa Farm Sanctuary

When Shawn and her husband arrived, they saw Marge cuddling with the stuffed animal. In fact, any time Shawn tried to get Marge to eat, the piglet ended up going right back to her new friend. Hungry and in a lot of pain, Marge probably thought the pig was a mom that could provide milk and love.

Finding A Forever Home

The next morning, Shawn drove Marge and her stuffed pig to the vets at Iowa State University for a checkup. The piglet is staying there until she heals and has really warmed up to the workers. Marge absolutely loves all of their attention!

Facebook / Iowa Farm Sanctuary

Thankfully, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Marge has a new home waiting for her once she has fully recovered. The piglet will head to Spring Farm Sanctuary where she will live out the rest of her days. No feeding facilities or slaughterhouses. This pig now has a forever home of her own. Thank goodness for this happy ending! 

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