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Innovative Teen Becomes Viral Sensation After Making Working ‘Bionic Arm’ From Legos

Prosthetic limbs can be pretty expensive, but there are alternative construction materials available to help lower the cost. Aside from modern possibilities using 3D printing, one bioengineering student created a series of working prosthetic arms built entirely from Legos. Not just a toy, Legos have been used to build models of landmark cities, robots, cars, and creatures. These colorful, plastic pieces that easily snap together continue to foster innovation and creativity.

Born Different

David Aguilar is just like any other young man, except that he was born with a rare genetic condition that caused him to be born without a fully-developed right forearm. Growing up, David was always curious and passionate about creating things. His desire to create drove him to build his first robotic arm at nine-years-old.

Since the Spanish teen from Andorra made his first rudimentary prosthetic arm, each design gets better and more interesting. Despite being born with a disability, David believed that nothing is impossible and held onto his dreams. “As a child, I was nervous to be around other guys… but that didn’t stop me,” said David.

Technological Triumph

David has since become a viral sensation with more than 10 million views on a YouTube video in which he shows off his robotic arms under the name Hand Solo. David is happy to prove that having a disability doesn’t stop anyone from achieving their dreams.

David’s fascinating robotic arms are labeled MK with a number following – a tribute to the superhero Iron Man and his MK suits of armor. Using Lego pieces from a friend, David continues to push the envelope of what is possible.

Future Proof

There is certainly a need for more affordable and creative design options for prosthetic limbs. David studies bioengineering at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Spain but dreams of life beyond the classroom.

While David is currently using his fourth model of a Lego-made prosthetic arm, he looks forward to creating affordable prostheses for people in need. Considering that David knows first hand the challenges of being different and wanting to feel normal, the world can expect exciting things from this adventurous scientist.

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