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Insane Pool Floaties You Need Right Now

Floating in the pool is one of the summer’s most relaxing pastimes. Now, you can do it in even greater style than before. With modern pool floats, you’ll have an abundance of friends this summer. From mythical creatures to food, the options are limitless. Grab yourself a giant pool float and get the party started!

A Golden Pegasus

Mythical creatures help transport us to another world. That is exactly what this giant Pegasus pool float does. For $34.99, this eight-foot float has plenty of room for you to lounge on. Plus, you will definitely have all eyes on you at the next party. However, it’s size pales in comparison to another mythical creature float.

Gadget Flow

A Giant Unicorn

You can easily find an individually sized unicorn float at your local superstore for $30. But if you want something large enough to fit up to six people, you’ll have to look a little harder. This giant unicorn float sells for $295. Everyone will want to be your friend just so they can sit in it. Sadly, if you want to be crowned the queen of the party, you’ll need to step it up.

Oddity Mall

The Ultimate Crown

Having a crown sitting atop your head is one thing. Sitting on a $269, giant crown floatie is a whole other ball game. You’ll feel like royalty aboard this eight-foot golden floatation device. While this pool accessory is fit for a queen, a king may want something a little different.


A Mechanical Bull

If you’re looking for a good time, a mechanical bull is where you’ll find it. Although this bull doesn’t have any mechanical parts, it is just as difficult to ride. Even getting on it is a feat! You really can’t beat the fun you’ll have for only $40. But if you’re looking for something more laid back, the giant pool float industry has you covered with this last option.


The Whole Pizza

This giant pizza pool float comes in two sizes. You can purchase a single slice for individual enjoyment, which will cost around $20. On the other hand, you can buy the entire pie for endless possibilities. You might need your friends to pitch in for the $277 price tag. Although, I don’t think anyone will complain when they realize how awesome it is.


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