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Inside Copenhagen: What We Can Learn From The Happiest City On Earth

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Copenhagen is a shining star in a world that seems to be getting more stressful every day. The capital of Denmark frequently tops studies and surveys as the happiest, healthiest city in the world. This bright and beautiful city has unlocked the best way to live. Take a look at what makes Copenhagen so unique, and life there so worth living.

Cheery Buildings

It’s impossible to be sad for long with such brilliant, colorful buildings! The bright colors and large windows seem right out of a children’s book.

Riding In Style

Copenhagen is also a very active city. Most people use bicycles to get around, even when it’s cold and rainy. They must have the most pleasant traffic jams!

Open And Inviting

The Danish love bright lights and open floor plans. They know that dark and cramped spaces can put even the happiest people in dour moods.

A Perfect Work/Life Balance

Danes have perfected balancing their work and personal lives. They average 37-hour work weeks! They put their overall needs above professional ambition and value the benefits of relaxation.

Lots Of Tasty Food

Copenhagen is known for its delicious food and microbreweries. Danes believe in balancing their healthy, active lifestyle with sweets and treats, and eating is more of a social activity here than anywhere else.

A Place To Be Yourself

Danes are also known for being very accepting. They don’t judge other people by their profession, sexual orientation, or gender identity, which must save so much stress.

A Strong Community Focus

Danes extend their non-judgemental and balanced attitudes to the whole community. They believe in taking care of each other, and it’s evident in everything from its bicycle-friendly streets to its strong social programs.

Health First

Danes value healthy lifestyles. They have a universal healthcare system and make sure that everyone has access to mental health support. They even offer a full year of maternity or paternity leave!

Education Second To None

Danish citizens have free education through university. They also get social security and can retire with guaranteed pensions. Not worrying about student loans and saving for retirement must be such a relief!


The Danish concept of “hygge” sums up Copenhagen’s secrets to happiness. It doesn’t translate directly, but it just means to be cozy, enjoy food with friends, and live your most joyous life.

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