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The Most Inspiring LGBT Homecoming Proposal

There are few events in high school more important than being asked to the homecoming dance. The internet is filled with videos showing the creative ways people have been asked to go. Still, there are those who don’t get to experience the joy of being asked out to homecoming by someone they care for. True Herrerra was one of those kids.

A Tale Of Acceptace

The Homecoming dance is an important part of every high schooler’s life. But maybe none more so then True Herrerra, whose touching story of love and acceptance proves the heart of our youth is alive and well.

The seventeen-year-old had yet to experience this defining moment in his life. Being just one of a small LGBT community in his high school, he spoke to Gay Star News of how he always wanted to be asked to the dance but never was.

Best Friends Ever

That all changed, however, when he arrived at school one morning. Herrerra stated how he heard music playing in the distance upon arrival at the school grounds. It wasn’t long after that Herrerra noticed his male friends holding up a sign reading “We’re straight, you’re gay – be our hoco (Homecoming) date.”

“My guy friends put any kind of fragile masculinity aside and made a high school dream of mine come to fruition,” Ture spoke told the outlet. Overcome with emotion, Herrerra ran up to his friends in disbelief where he was wrapped within the warm embrace of his close friends.

Internet Approval

A video showing the proposal was posted to Instagram on Herrerra’s account with the caption “Soo all of my guy friends asked me to homecoming because they knew I wanted to be asked #validLGBT.”

Herrerra said he spent his time prior the dance getting ready with his girlfriends. after that, he went to the dance with the friends who made his dream come true.

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