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Inspiring Model With Down Syndrome Makes Her New York Fashion Week Debut

A rising model with Down syndrome is committed to taking the fashion world by storm. With a bit of modeling experience, this Spain native got the chance to strut her stuff at one of fashion’s biggest events: New York Fashion Week!

A Model With A Dream

Twenty-one-year-old Marian Avila is a Spanish model with Down syndrome. With a passion for fashion, she has been modeling since 2016. It started with a small gig–– a fashion show at a church. However, it was a great learning experience for Marian, and only ignited her love of modeling. But she had her eyes set on something much bigger.

Marian’s lifelong dream? To model at New York Fashion Week. And it wasn’t just for the glitz and glamour. It was to prove to the world that there’s more than just one kind of beautiful. Though she had Down syndrome, Marian still had talent, beauty, and an amazing spirit. If she had the opportunity, she knew she would do well! Little did she know that she would soon catch the eye of a designer for the big affair.

Ripping The Runway

Designer Talisha White was set to showcase her designs at NYFW, highlighting prom, pageant and special occasion pieces. A model that the designer knew saw a story about Marian and her dream to be a part of NYFW. She passed along the info to Talisha, who excitedly reached out to Marian on Facebook.

Talisha asked Marian to be a part of her diverse show during Fashion Week, which Marian, of course, agreed to. The young model hit the runway with models of all ages and abilities with her family watching proudly in the audience. “I felt really happy and I really loved the runway,” Marian shared through a translator after the show. “I wanted to show the world that there are no barriers.”

Putting In The Work

Marian now is a very busy woman! Since her story broke, she’s had meetings with top fashion publications and modeling agencies for work. It gives her hope and encouragement that she will be able to continue to make her mark in the fashion world.

However, the 21-year-old refuses to rest on her laurels, dedicating herself consistently to her craft. At home, she revealed, “I practice [modeling] every day.” Marian added, “I’m studying modeling and to become an actress.”

Watch Marian’s NYFW debut below!

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