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This Inspiring Teenager Is Being Hailed A Hero For Her Life-Saving Messages

Is it possible for a few uplifting phrases to be life-saving? In fact, it is — and through the incredible efforts of a kind-hearted young woman, they’ve already saved six and counting! Paige Hunter’s emotional initiative to help prevent suicide is warming hearts and altering lives across the globe.

A Society Struggling With Mental Health

In a time when chaos and trauma seem to be surrounding every news headline, it can be difficult to keep hope alive. In the last few years, many steps have been taken to fight the stigma surrounding mental health and get people the help they need. But the world has still been shaken by the recent loss of stars like Chester Bennington, Kate Spade, and Anthony Bourdain to suicide. But one teen has taken the initiative to reach out to those considering taking their lives—and she’s already saved six people.

Paige Hunter’s Life-Altering Decision

Four months ago, 18-year-old Northumberland teen Paige Hunter stood at the railing of the Wearmouth Bridge with the intention of jumping. The young girl had experienced a difficult trauma that she was struggling to find another way of overcoming. However, two kind strangers stopped and talked to Paige, telling her she was “worth it.” After that interaction, Paige found a new sense of hope. She soon realized she wanted to be that life-saving beacon of light for someone else!

Her Incredible Initiative To Help Others

Paige recalled how much the words of those who supported her helped her out of some of the darkest points in her life, and she was set on providing that relief for others. In the weeks following, Paige began to write over forty colorful, heartwarming notes to tie to the railing of the bridge for those contemplating suicide to read. At the time, Paige had no idea just how impactful her notes would be — and how many lives they would save!

Saving Lives: Paige’s Substantial Impact

After a short time, words of praise from those who had contemplated jumping came pouring in. Several have credited Paige’s notes in particular for saving their lives. “If not for Paige I would have been at the bottom of the river and my family would have been broken,” one person shared. Many similar sentiments have come pouring in for the kind-hearted young woman and her noble actions to help prevent suicide! Now, Paige is overwhelmed with gratitude that her notes changed so many lives.

Recognizing Paige’s Heroic Kindness

Paige was awarded a commendation certificate for her “positive action to help the prevention of suicide.” However, Paige wasn’t looking for praise when she kicked off this project. “I just want to help people,” Paige explained, sharing that she cries every time she hears that her life-saving notes have helped someone reconsider their existence. The young hero has changed an incredible number of lives through her life-saving, inspirational notes!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved