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Meet Instagram’s ‘Pizza Girl’ Who Got A Giant Pizza Tattoo

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Who doesn’t love pizza? Are you even human if you don’t love the cheesy, delicious food? You don’t have to ask Aleen N. Johnson twice about having another slice of pizza. The Instagram user (who goes by @thefitpizzagirl) isn’t afraid to share her love for the food, even getting multiple pizzas tattooed on her body. The powerlifter loves pizza so much and we don’t blame her. We’ll take another slice!

Obsessed With Pizza

Johnson, an active member of the United States Air Force, used to eat pizza every other day. During her deployment in 2016, the only enjoyable thing for her to eat was Pizza Hut. This was the beginning of her obsession with pizza. From then, she would wear clothes inspired by the food. She shared, “People started to joke around about how much I loved pizza because I was ordering it about every other night for dinner.”

Johnson loves the gooey, cheesy food so much that she can’t imagine her life without it. Before she flew back to the U.S., she was dared to get a pizza tattooed on her body. Johnson doesn’t say no to any challenges, so she accepted it. She tattooed “pizza dat a**” on her butt, alongside with a tattoo of a slice of pizza. Some people might think it’s an odd tattoo, but it’s fitting for the “pizza girl.” The rest was history.

Joining Instagram

Many people become famous on Instagram, as long as they have a unique page and are entertaining. That’s what happened to Johnson, who joined Instagram under the name @thefitpizzagirl. She surprised everyone with her tattoo, as well as sharing that she’s a powerlifter and a member of the U.S. Air Force. You wouldn’t think someone who lifts weights for a living would love pizza so much, but you haven’t met Johnson. She’s more than just your average woman.

When Johnson gained 60,000 followers, she had to celebrate in a big way. She knew other people had pizza tattoos, but she’s “the pizza girl.” She had to have the best pizza tattoo in existence. So, she tattooed a large pizza on her right butt cheek with the words “Pizza Girl” written above it. Now, it’s her signature look. She said, “Go big or go home.”

Combatting Depression

Johnson is happy to share her obsession with pizza, but that’s not all she wants to display on her Instagram page. She wants to have an open dialogue about mental health, speaking from her experience with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD]. Johnson once spent time in the hospital after a suicide attempt. She hopes no one else feels the way she once felt during the darkest time of her life.

She learned she needed a hobby, so she used powerlifting as her outlet for mental health, participating in competitions. As a powerlifter, carbs are your best friend. That isn’t hard for Johnson, who says eating her favorite food [pizza] not only helps her compete but also boosts her mental health. After all, pizza always makes you happy.

Pizza is helping her. Johnson can now squat up to 242 pounds, bench 143 pounds, and deadlift 308 pounds. She says pizza is the answer to her success. It fuels her body and gives her just the right amount of energy to stay motivated during her exercises. She couldn’t imagine her life without pizza, and we have to agree with her.

The powerlifter comments that she’s looking forward to using her Instagram page to talk openly about her fitness journey, mental health awareness, body positivity, and pizza. She’s “the pizza girl.” She can’t ignore her first love and perhaps the best love of her life—warm, gooey, delicious pizza that melts in your mouth.

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