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This Instagram Influencer Is Redefining Fashion Standards and Khloé Kardashian Approves

Instagram influencer and stylist Ciera Rogers has been taking the fashion industry by storm! But she saw how one important community—the curvy ladies—was consistently locked out from the field she loves. So the stylist decided to take matters into her own hands by creating a special clothing line for plus-size women. Now, her successful brand is continuing to push the importance of body positivity across the world!

For The Ferocious Babes

Ciera steadily built a strong following on social media by consistently posting fashion shoots and positive messages online. With literally millions following her, the stylist had a voice and a platform. Slowly but surely, the Instagram influencer realized just how she could use it to promote an issue near and dear to her heart.

Knowing that curvy body types have long been ignored by the fashion and advertising world, Ciera decided it was time to shake things up. In 2013, she launched her own fashion line, Babes and Felines, which features affordable but sophisticated clothes for bold and proud plus-size women. “There were other online clothing lines out there for curvy women when I started, but not that many,” she explained in her personal bio. “And there weren’t many cornering the market on a chic aesthetic.” The line quickly took off, giving curvy ladies stretchy, adaptable materials to conform to their different shapes.

No Photoshop, Please!

Another amazing thing about the line? Ciera remains committed to honest and beautifully imperfect marketing. Unlike most agencies, she refuses to incorporate a lot of Photoshop when it comes to the line’s advertising. “When I first started taking photos, lots of girls were touching up,” she shared. “But I was leaving everything to show: my cellulite, my dimples. That’s what set me apart from the other girls. So when we do photo shoots, I don’t do heavy editing of the models. We leave everything natural.”

It was a risk, but it worked for Babes and Felines. Ciera’s demographic wanted girls who looked like them. Girls they could connect with. That’s how Ciera was able to build the line into what it is today.

A-List Approved

What’s even cooler about Babes and Felines is that it’s getting some nods from a few top celebs, including Kim and Khloé Kardashian. In fact, the two sisters wore multiple dresses from Ciera’s line during their pregnancies. “Kim stumbled across my brand on Instagram and purchased the items from there,” Ciera revealed, admitting it felt surreal. That kind of support only comes from delivering a line that others love.

Now, Ciera is working on expanding the brand for men and developing a better online shopping experience for her consumers. She also stays committed to showing love to the curvy girls out there, inspiring them to love themselves just the way they are. With her hard work, creative style, and positive mission, the sky is the limit for this designer!

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