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3 Instagram-able Spots Around The U.S. To Up Your Insta Game

If posting pictures near the Eiffel Tower, the Hollywood sign, or the Golden Gate Bridge is too cliche, these less popular Instagram-able destinations might be perfect for you.

Atlanta’s Edgewood Avenue

Edgewood Avenue, in downtown Atlanta, is full of the culture and creativity that makes Atlanta unique. It has plenty of famous places like Killer Mike’s very own barbershop called The SWAG Shop.


There are also multiple concert venues on this scenic avenue, so you can get great pictures of the lights and the crowds while listening to your favorite artists. The street also boasts a quirky ping pong bar that was started by an ex-nun. Seriously! Just look it up.

Boston’s Acorn Street

Visiting Acorn Street is like stepping back into colonial America. This narrow cobblestone street is surrounded on both sides by picturesque historic brick homes that still have their original architecture.

Hey Pretty Thing

The bits of greenery hanging from flower pots outside of the homes on this street makes it the perfect background for a great picture. Acorn Street is in the middle of Beacon Hill, a famous Boston neighborhood wear abolitionists would meet hundreds of years ago.

Philadelphia’s Fountain Street Steps

The Fountain Street Steps are in the middle of Fairmont Park in Philadelphia. These steps are decorated with a beautiful mosaic pattern. The steps had always been there, but locals decided to make them beautiful when they were almost overrun with graffiti and non-native plants that were killing the native plants.

Mural Arts Philadelphia

The steps lead up to a beautiful fountain and they are surrounded by trees native to the area. The story of how this area came to be designed and maintained is one of a resilient community banding together in the face of adversity. You can educate and amaze your followers by writing a great caption for your pictures on these steps. Get on the road, and snap great pictures!

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