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This Instagram Star Makes Mesmerizing Scenes Made Only From Books

Books have long been seen as a gateway to another world. Elizabeth Sagan takes that to the next level by creating intricate scenes with the books she keeps. She creates scenes using her favorite literary masterpieces and her wild imagination. You won’t believe the looks she can create using only books, her floor, and her artistic vision!

Page Surfer

Reading can be a tumultuous inner journey, and Sagan truly rides the waves of imagination with this inventive display. She uses the book The Rebel Waves by Sara Raasch as inspiration, holding it in her hand as she rides her “book board,” conquering the tall waves. Good thing she had enough blue covers!

Instagram/Elizabeth Sagan

Sorceress Of The Seas

It seems like everyone these days dreams of being a mermaid. Well, Sagan made that fantasy a reality with this stunning setup. By carefully color coordinating, she created a trident and mermaid tail to complement her already fantastical hair. The completed look transformed Sagan into a full-on ocean goddess!

Instagram/Elizabeth Sagan

Yin And Yang

Sagan enlisted help from her fellow book junkie and Instagrammer James Trevino to create this serene scene. Light and dark, good and evil, are popular themes in literary classics. Playing off of the black pieces in her collection, and experimenting with open books instead of covers, she was able to produce the ultimate yin and yang.

Instagram/Elizabeth Sagan

Follow Your Heart

Her heart obviously lies within literature, so it’s no surprise she had to construct something to show it! By using color coordination, Sagan was able to show off her true love and create a huge heart with an arrow shot right through. She lies in the middle, reading a book, at peace with her passion.

Instagram/Elizabeth Sagan

Literature is Empowering!

Sometimes you can really get lost in the pages of a good novel, and it looks like you can even take on the personality of your fave character! Sagan channels Medusa with her head of snakes, using opened and closed books to create her powerful headdress. Maybe Sagan will take up acting next?

Instagram/Elizabeth Sagan

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