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Instagram Vending Machine Pop Up Around L.A., But They’re Not As They Seem

We now live in a word where you can buy Instagram followers from a vending machine. Posted in various locations throughout downtown Los Angeles, the new Instagram vending machine has provided a physical medium to our social media-driven world. However, there lies a more profound message behind the flashy devices and its unusual content.

Documentary Promotion

Originally started as a marketing promotion, Instagram vending machines sell a variety of items catered towards the social media generation. Through most of the gifts are gags designed to mock the culture, some products sold can actually buy you Instagram fame.


In a period where social media addiction to sites like Instagram and Facebook are so prevalent, it might seem like a joke. Yet the message behind it is much deeper than that.

Genius Marketing Idea

A new Documentary, Social Animals, is the reason machines like these have been set up. While they have attracted a wide array of visitors from tourists to everyday people, few know what exactly its trying to say.

The Sun

The documentary, which aims to explore the obsession over social media fame, has received positive reviews in early showings. Director Jonathan Ignatius Green hopes to show how sites like Instagram have created a culture of narcissism and self-obsession around their hobbies and the reactions other people have for them.

Shedding Light On The Issue

While the Instagram vending machine might be seen as a marketing campaign, the proceeds collected from its purchases will go to a good cause. All profits made will be donated to various groups trying to help in social media addiction and cyberbullying.

Hey Mama

In spite of how you might feel about these machines and what they stand for to you, there is no denying the underlying issue they represent. In bringing awareness to what has become a severe issue of obsession and cyberbullying, the machine and it’s parent documentary hope to start a debate about the pitfalls of social media.

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