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The Internet Is Losing It Over Hilarious ‘Florida Man’ Horoscopes

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Ever heard of a “Florida Man” horoscope? It all started with the infamous Florida Man meme in 2013, which showed various wacky headlines of trending news stories within the state of Florida. Now, it’s spawned into a new, crazy personality game that’ll probably be your next party trick. All you have to do to play is to type “Florida Man” and your birthday (year doesn’t matter) into Google. The most entertaining headline will be your new horoscope. Check out the latest #FloridaManChallenge tweets that will make you #ROFL!

Wildin’ Out

From the obscure to downright puzzling, the “Florida Man” horoscopes are bound to give any curious seeker a kick. This new type of horoscope is way funnier than cheesy horoscopes and birth charts, and the Internet cannot get enough of the ridiculous headlines.

Twitter user @catograms cracked up when her Florida Man horoscope read, “Florida man re-arrested within minutes after he was released from jail for burglarizing cars in the jail’s parking lot.” She tweeted, Happy birthday to whomever was born on this day. #floridaman.” Looks like this guy really missed his jail cell!

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

This hilarious game might be potentially embarrassing for Floridians, but it has put the Sunshine State on the map as one of the best sources of online fun. And who could help but join in?

Twitter user @cma365 was delighted when her Florida Man horoscope read, “Florida man robs store dressed as spiderman.” She tweeted, “Loving the #FloridaManChallenge.” Come to think of it, that’s actually not such a bad disguise!

Losin’ It

We’re sure every state is full of its own absurd crimes, but the Florida Man Challenge has cemented its place in virtuage history as a pillar of virtal entertainment.

Twitter user @WukkuanMarquez LOL’ed when his Florida Man headline read, “Florida man, drunk and naked, allegedly set house on fire in failed cookie baking attempt” He tweeted, “Extraneous nudity seems to be the common factor in #floridamanchallenge.” This one is definitely a head scratcher. Hope those cookies were worth it!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved