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Internet Goes Moo-tastic Over Cows Wearing Earmuffs

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When the cold arrives, even hardy farm animals could use some comfortable and fashionable protection. On farms, baby calves are particularly vulnerable to frostbite and dangerously low temperatures. Lovers of baby animals can’t get enough of farmers’ smart solution to keep their bovines warm. They have been outfitting their livestock with adorable and cozy earmuffs, made just for cows. Whether made from plush fabric or knitted with yarn, baby cows are staying toasty and in fashionably good taste.

Keep It Regulated

Cows typically don’t have any problems thriving in cold weather. Unlike adults, newborn calves need a little bit of help to maintain a healthy body temperature. When the air is frosty, and the risk of frostbite arises, farmers have a creative solution to keep calves warm. Materials like fleece make the perfect ear warmers for baby bovines, provided they have some waterproof coating. Farmers can choose to dress their calves in handmade knit muffs or purchase a pair from a company.

Veterinarians recommend protecting baby cows from health problems related to hypothermia and frostbite. Severe injuries from cold weather can lead to cows living with debilitating pain. In the most heartbreaking of situations, cows that succumb to injuries from the cold may have to be put down. Earmuffs for cows has proven to be a savvy solution for farmers and livestock, and the adorableness is enthralling the Internet. It may seem too good to be true, but ear muffs for cows are crafty and functional.

Moo-rific Headgear

“Moo-muffs” are indeed a real thing, as Cans Moleman @ThisFarmingMan_ on Twitter was happy to share more on the subject. Over 171 thousand people loved his post featuring a calf wearing pastel pink knitted ear muffs. Over 30 thousand people had their tongues wagging over the sweet image of the baby cow.

On Reddit, 155 users were happy to comment on pictures of baby cows wearing ear muffs. User sprinklesadded responded, “I also need this pattern. All the animals must have warm ears!” Rockarolla55 commented with the sentiment, “I don’t usually say this, but DAAAAAAW.” Moo-ve over cats, cows wearing ear muffs is giving some serious competition on the Internet for melting hearts.

Cuteness Overload

Farmers like Holly Poad of Lone Rock, Wisconsin, are happy to make ear muffs for their cows and others. Developing items that can benefit animals and their humans is excellent for a family business. Holly Poad and her aunt Kim Ewers created a water-repellant fleece set of ear muffs for cows. One nifty feature is how the design incorporates bright colors, so farmers know right away when the “moo muffs” need replacing due to wear and tear. Velcro straps on ear muffs can fail to stay closed, or cows may try licking off their ear muffs.

Out to break the Internet, pictures of charming baby cows wearing ear muffs are taking the world by storm. At first glance, the concept of “moo muffs” for cows might seem like a practical joke. But, keeping newborn calves warm and healthy during cold weather is no laughing matter. Any baby cow rocking a pair look, udderly darling, as thousands of people can’t help but comment, smile, or share the love of baby bovines. Similar to a mother lovingly knitting a sweater, hat, or mittens for their children to wear during chilly weather, cows have their own winter gear. Bundling up on the farm never looked so moo-riffic.

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