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The Internet Owes This Cubs Fan An Apology

The dream of every little boy that attends a baseball game is to go home with a fly ball. Unfortunately, greedy adults sometimes ruin this dream. That is what appeared to happen in a recent video of a Cubs game. The man in the video has received a lot of hate since it went viral. As it turns out, he might not deserve it.

The Defaming Video

In the video of the event, you can see the Cubs’ first base coach toss a ball to a young boy. He is sitting in his mother’s lap and fails to catch it. The ball then rolls under the seats to the row behind them.

That is when a man grabs the ball and hands it to his wife. When the video was posted, many commenters suggested that the man should have given the ball to the young boy. These commenters didn’t have the whole story, though.

A Complete Misunderstanding

A sports reporter later clarified what actually happened. Earlier in the game, the man had helped the boy catch a different ball. He had even given away two other balls to children during the same game.

The Cubs had already remedied the situation, though. Before this news came to light, the boy was given a ball signed by one of their infielders, Javy Baez.

Remaining Controversy

Despite what the man did earlier in the game, some people still think that taking the ball was wrong. They claim that the boy should receive all of the balls thrown his way. Others disagree, saying that the man should get a ball too.

Either way, everyone went home happy. The boy ended up with two balls and the man got one for his wife. For once, this is a news story we can all be happy about.

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