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Chilean Inventor Takes On Pollution, Creates Biodegradable Plastic Bag That Dissolves In 3 Minutes

The harmful effects a plastic bag can have on our society is not what comes to mind as you load up your groceries after a long day of work. According to research, over two hundred thousand plastic bags are dumped in landfills every hour. A staggering statistic one man is hoping to end.

The Genius At Work

Patricio Cabezas, a former engineer, has designed a plastic bag that can decompose in just three minutes. Working for a large plastic manufacturing plant in his home country of Chile, Cabezas hoped to curb the problem of plastic bags in our landfills with his invention.

Global News

Presenting his creation to the ProChile Innovative Summit on the streets of Miami, Cabezas, was awarded best Latin American Invention award by Singularity University, a Silicon Valley think-tank partnered with Google.

Eye-Catching Presentation

Demonstrating his invention, Cabezas showed how his newly designed plastic bag composed of a non-toxic material called polyvinyl alcohol can be dipped in water and disappear right before your eyes. An ordinary plastic bag would take over five hundred years to decompose.

The Things

After pouring the water over the bag and waiting for it to disappear, he poured some of the water into a drinking glass a took a sip. Proving further that his invention is just as safe for humans as well as the environment.

Shaking Up The Industry

Patricio’s goal of showing off in Miami was to help him establish contacts and further advance his capital. So far, Cabezas’s company has gained a total of five partners, one of which being Solubag. The inventor spoke of how he used to work for the problem, but he is now working for the solution.

Health Grades

While his biodegradable bag has yet to hit the mainstream, it has incorporated into some of the significant Chilean shopping chains. His invention came at a critical time, as the Chilean government passed a law banning the use of businesses using plastic bags in July.

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