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This Italian Town Uses Silent Fireworks In An Effort To Help Anxious Pets

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Fireworks are fun to watch in the summertime season, especially for the Fourth of July. They’re colorful, festive, and loud—but maybe too loud for some individuals, including dogs. That’s why an Italian city enforced the use of the first-ever silent fireworks. The new invention is changing the way people use fireworks, and dogs can finally appreciate the fun activity with you.

Way Too Loud

While you’re probably enjoying the fireworks display, your dogs are too scared to focus on anything else. They’re easily spooked by the loud bangs and flashing lights in the sky, mostly because they don’t have the same understanding as we do about what’s going on. Dogs have sensitive ears, so the loud noise from fireworks is much more intense for our furry friends.

Fireworks are also unpredictable. You probably know when a firework is about to make noise, but for your dog, those firecrackers come without any warning. They come at different intervals, so it’s impossible for your dogs to get used to the loud sound. In addition, fireworks often make dogs feel trapped. The noises trigger their flight response and they will try to run from the threat. This results in dogs running away from home and getting lost in the mayhem, or even worse, getting hit by an oncoming car. However, dogs soon discover there’s nowhere to go to escape the loud noise, no matter how fast or far they run, so they know they cannot escape the trauma.

Finding A Solution

Because this was a troubling situation, the Italian city of Collecchio, located in the province of Parma, found a solution to help ease the terror for our frightened pets while still allowing people the entertainment of enjoying colorful fireworks. The city became the first to start a new initiative that requires city residents to use silent fireworks only. If people are going to set off fireworks, they would have to use the silent fireworks—nothing else. Collecchio’s law states that everyone who resides in the town must use silent fireworks to respect the animals and spare them unnecessary stress they experience every summer season.

You don’t have to worry about silent fireworks being a lame form of entertainment. Silent fireworks still deliver beautiful, colorful displays that everyone can enjoy. They are accompanied by even stronger visual effects, including laser shows, that offer more of a spectacle than regular fireworks. They leave a colorful “comet trail” in the sky that could be a better, more enjoyable experience than regular fireworks.

The only thing missing from the fireworks is the loud bangs and noises that worry pets, also including military veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD]. The loud banging, explosive sounds remind them of their military experiences, triggering more PTSD symptoms. The local government of Collecchio has declared the use of regular, loud fireworks to be punishable by law. Are fireworks really worth being arrested? No, we didn’t think so.

Inspiring Other Cities

Collecchio’s governmental efforts didn’t go unnoticed. The new law inspired other cities to follow in the city’s footsteps, including Middelkerke, Belgium, which organized its own “animal-friendly” firework show. The city’s local government encouraged pet owners to participate in an annual firework show with silent fireworks. For the first time, humans and animals could enjoy the show together.

Collecchio’s residents hope more cities across the globe will notice how silent fireworks are working for their city and follow their lead. After all, pets are a part of our families and communities. They shouldn’t be afraid—shaking in fear—while you have fun during the summer. Learn to respect them, and military veterans, and encourage the use of silent fireworks. You can enjoy the colorful spectacle in the sky while your furry friends remain calm and happy. Isn’t that what we always want?

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