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Ja Rule and Billy McFarland Face $100 Million Lawsuit for Fraud and Lying

Ja Rule was the main organizer and mastermind of the Fyre Festival, which is being promoted by several supermodels including Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Amanda Riley. However, the so-called ‘luxurious’ music festival was named as a ‘disaster’ by critics after leaving the concertgoers stranded in the Bahamas with disaster relief tents and very little food.

Ja Rule

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With the help of glamorous celebrities, the Fyre Festival earned a huge sum of attendees who are willing to pay $1,500 to $12,000 a ticket. However, when they arrived at the venue, festival-goers didn’t find any luxurious accommodation, palatable and fine dine meals, and even musical activities.

Everyone expressed their disappointment and angst on social media, detailing how subpar the canceled festival was. William Finley, a concertgoer told People: “There were air mattresses, boxes and shipping containers of stuff everywhere. It was just so unorganized.”

Ja Rule and his Fyre Festival

William N. Finley IV/Twitter

“We were really excited because the island itself in the videos just looked incredible. It totally clashed and conflicted with this culinary luxury experience and all these things that they advertised. When you’re paying [thousands] you just expect something better than a Styrofoam plate dinner,” he added.

Another attendee who expressed disappointed was ZoeAdvanceSP. One of the many things she said was that “The luxury boutique accommodations are literal disaster relief tents with beds in them (even advertised as disaster relief tents on the manufacturer’s website). Some sources claim it’s the same ones used in the Haiti earthquake disaster.”

Ja Rule and his Fyre Festival

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Because of the lack of food and the substandard accommodation, attendees and social media users named the Fyre Festival as “The Hunger Games” and “Lord of the Flies”. The false promise of luxury, good food, and music by rapper Ja Rule has led him and his business partner Billy McFarland face a $100 million lawsuit, which is filed by Mark Geragos.

Ja Rule, on the other hand, took to Twitter saying that his immediate concern was to get everyone off the island safe, that it was not a scam, that he was heartbroken, and that it’s not his fault but he is taking responsibility.

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