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Fitness Expert Jackie Warner Risks Six Years in Jail for Assault and DUI

Fitness guru Jackie Warner, who was arrested on Friday, pleads not guilty to DUI and assault charges on Wednesday 19, April. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office confirmed. She was charged with a felony count of assaulting a peace enforcement officer and driving under influence of an alcoholic beverage. Her attorney, Shawn Holley, clarified that Warner has a long history of Insomnia and Jackie was driving her car while unconscious when the accident occurred. Shawn said that Jackie’s doctor has letters which indicates that she had taken ambien just before the accident.

jackie warner

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The star who appeared in three seasons of Bravo’s “work out”, was facing charges of felony assault on a police officer, hit and run and misdemeanor DUI. These charges dates back to February 24, when Warner hit an electric pole in West Hollywood, California while driving under influence. It is also alleged that Jackie damaged a patrol car after she struck it while trying to back her car towards a deputy who was trying to detain her.

jackie warner

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department via Getty Images

But even before her case was determined, controversy had marred the scene of the accident with many unanswered questions. The Los Angeles Sheriff confirmed that Jackie’s vehicle rolled back and hit a police car and she walked out of the wrecked car with no injuries. The Sheriff further explains that Jackie got out of the car without any issue and was compliant with officials on the scene before she was arrested. But what still baffles the police is how her car rolled back and Jackie survived without an injury. This controversy made the case to be assigned to a detective and considered to be an active investigation.

jackie warner

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When reached out to clarify on her case, the fitness expert whose real names are Jacqueline Waddel, says that her life took a drastic turn after the reality TV show “Work Out” came to a close in 2010. Jackie says that she wasn’t impressed by the type of TV she was doing and it made her uncomfortable and uneasy. This made her fell into many confused relationships that caused her a lot of miseries. Jackie later sold her clinic and gym, which ignited more problems and was always left to wonder about the next move. She admitted that these problems forced her to engage in a lot of partying and alcohol drinking which made her feel lost. This was possibly the cause of her driving under influence.

If found guilty, Warner will possibly be slapped with six years imprisonment in a state prison. It is now up to her lawyer, Shawn Holley to rescue her from the starring prison gates.

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