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Jamaica Lottery Winner Claims Winnings In Classic ‘Scream’ Costume To Hide Identity

Some people who have won the lottery have opted to keep their identities a secret from the public. Some take their winnings and disappear. Others have a lawyer publicly accept their winnings. Some wear a mask. Well, this lottery winner in Jamaica definitely took the cake with his creative way to stay anonymous.

Clandestine Winner

A winner, known only as A. Campbell, recently won the Super Lotto jackpot in Jamaica. Campbell purchased the ticket for $200 in Jamaican money, which amounts to only $1.49 in US dollars. However, the cheap ticket came with a pretty big payout. Campbell ended up winning  $158.4 million Jamaican dollars (roughly $1.2 million in US dollars).

There was a 90-day deadline to publicly claim the ticket. Campbell reportedly took 54 days to come forward due to illness. He almost forgot about the ticket, but soon came forward to claim his prize. However, he decided to go incognito with a well-known costume.

Going Ghost

To pick up his grand prize, Campbell wore a mask from the 1996 horror flick Scream. Going as Ghostface (the film’s infamous villain), he traveled to the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston. In addition to the mask, the winner wore a long coat, pants, and gloves.

With these big winnings, Campbell, along with other past lottery winners, chose to stay anonymous so that he wouldn’t be targeted by outside people. Of course, there’s always a concern of people constantly asking for money. There is also a concern of safety in the decision.

Future Plans

Campbell said that the winning numbers came to him in a dream. “I looked at my ticket and ran into my bathroom and said, ‘I won! I won!” he said in an interview.

Though he became sick shortly after discovering he won, Campbell’s still excited about his winnings and has big plans for his earnings. “I want to get a house. I want to get a nice house. I haven’t found it yet, but I’ll be looking for one soon,” Campbell said.

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