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Homeless Hero Saves a Life, Reaps Instant Good Karma But Makes the Simplest Request

Homeless man James Pocock was at his usual camping spot somewhere along interstate Exit 12 in Williston, Vermont when he saw truck driver Paul Bristol crash into a roadside. The quick-witted James immediately pulled Paul out to safety and revived him using CPR. It was later on revealed that a heart attack was to blame for the victim’s loss of control over his truck.

The local fire department gave due honor and recognition to the homeless hero. But good karma seemed to know no bounds after Pocock’s heroic rescue. What goes around truly comes around.

Amazingly, another total stranger, in the name of Lynnea Bergevin Nicols, decided to create a GoFundMe campaign for James to help him regain a steady livelihood. Her act of kindness was spurred after having read the Burlington Free Press’ feature on Pocock’s heroic deed. Not only did Nicols happen to be a family friend of the truck driver’s but she also recognized the hero’s face as the one belonging to a homeless man she helped out last Christmas.

Nicols recalls that Pocock was at that time wearing a sign at a sidewalk, asking for a new pair of jeans. Seeing that the one he had on was ragged, she happily fulfilled his simple request. Little did she know that the homeless man she was helping out was a future hero. Nicols’ initial goal for the fund was $2,000, but to date the amount has reached close to $15,000.

Pocock is said to be more excited over one thing though: new prescription glasses, since the pair he currently uses expired three years ago. He has already met with a doctor and is now staying at a hotel before getting transferred into housing next week.

As if his heroic act and humble demeanor weren’t enough, Pocock asked Nicols, who is in the process of organizing his funds, to give 10% of the donations to charity.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved