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This Japanese Fast Food Joint Serves A Huge Pizza Sandwich Loaded WIth 18 Types Of Meat

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One Japanese restaurant chain is blowing the minds of foodies everywhere. Aoki’s has unleashed a carnivore lover’s dream in the form of a pizza sandwich. Two pies covered with a total of 18 types of meat are united together with a center layer of gooey cheese. The behemoth pizza sandwich is called Nikku Mountain, and it weighs a hefty 4.4 pounds or a little over two kilograms. Eager diners can enjoy the Nikku Mountain sandwich in medium or large size, but only in Japan, and for a limited time.

Bring On The Meat

Aoki’s is a national chain in Japan that is known for its creative take on pizza. The Nikku Mountain sandwich is no exception and is not for the faint of heart. In an unbelievable feat of gastronomical proportions, Aoki’s sandwiched together two pizzas filled with plenty of meat from crust to crust. Lovers of food fusion can enjoy this monstrosity for the price of 2,918 Yen for a medium-sized sandwich, or 4,624 Yen for a large. These ultimate meat sandwiches are available for a limited duration, and taxes are not included.

The top pizza is covered with Iberico bacon, pepperoni, sliced bacon, pork loin, bacon bits, Italian sausage, pork sausage, roast ham, mini weiners, hamburger, beefsteak, and Grand Alto Bayern. The bottom pizza is topped with taco meat, dry-cured ham, chicken, Wagyu beef ribs, special ground meat, and a spicy meat sauce. A sandwich like this isn’t complete without a healthy amount of gouda cheese, mozzarella cheese, fried garlic, Ajillo sauce, BBQ sauce, black pepper, and parsley. Anyone daring enough to dive into this pizza sandwich is going to want to bring some friends to help devour it.

Pizza Elevated

The Nikku Mountain is not the only fantastic pizza creation available from Aoki’s. Aoki has created some weird pizzas in the past, including a zombie pizza with eyeballs, and a cookie pizza topped with chocolate bars. The Nikku Mountain was released in time for the Rugby World Cup so that the entire world can enjoy a heart attack induced by grease and meat.

Curious foodies who want to push their stomachs to the limit can visit an Aoki’s in the Tokai region of Japan. There are also Aoki’s located in Mie, Shizuoka, Aichi, and Gifu prefectures. Tokyo does not have any Aoki’s available, so getting to sit down and eat a Meat Mountain sandwich may require some traveling.

Ready To Chow Down

When you can’t decide whether you want to eat a sandwich or a pizza, Aoki’s Nikku Mountain has you covered. The Internet nearly lost its mind once it was revealed that a sandwich with 18 meat toppings was unleashed onto the world. If a pizza piled with potatoes and mayonnaise or ham and corn wasn’t satisfying, nothing says die-hard pizza love like the Nikku Mountain. Pizza lovers can enjoy a pie measuring 26 or 36 centimeters in size to sate their need to feed.

On SoraNews24’s Facebook page, a story on the Meat Mountain from Aoki received 756 likes, 142 comments, and 764 shares. User Dennis Hatfield responded, “I’d sell my soul to eat one of those.” Another Facebook user, Jack Girabaldi, commented, “Yes Please…extra cheese too please–lemme die happy.” Michael Palero’s reply to the Nikku Mountain was epic, “MY GOSH IT’S BEAUTIFUL.” Despite the possible health risks of consuming so much meat and cheese in one sitting, people are in love with Aoki’s meat-topped pizza sandwich. Thankfully, an overwhelming dish that includes 18 different types of meat gives other pizza chains a run for their money. If you have the appetite of a pizza god, it’s time to make a trip to Japan.

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