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Japanese Pet Groomer Transforms Shaggy Dogs Into Beautiful Balls Of Fur

Oftentimes when dog-owners take their four-legged friends to the groomer, the animals come out looking much different than when they went in. Yoriko Hamachiyo is a dog groomer in Japan whose exceptional styling skills have pleased many people. Here’s a look at some of her clients, before and after.

A Salon Unlike The Rest

Yoriko Hamachiyo is the owner and head stylist at her pet salon, Yorikokoro, in Japan. She specializes in cutting and styling dogs’ coats to get them looking and feeling great. Much like human makeovers, some of the dogs come out looking completely transformed. They even get a complimentary photoshoot afterward.


A Whole New Dog

Dogs of all sizes—no matter if they are big or small—are welcome in the salon to enjoy a little bit of pampering. Every dog that Hamachiyo grooms leaves with a smoother, sleeker, and more manageable coat than before. It’s sure to please the dog as much as it does the owner.


Adorable Accessories

Then, as part of the package, Hamachiyo dresses the dogs up with props and accessories in her dog-sized photo studio. She loves to doll them up with stylish collars, bow-ties, jackets, and hairbows to complete the ensemble. Then the dogs’ owners get to enjoy looking at their dog’s photos.


Stylish And Functional

Sometimes the haircuts are for more practical reasons than simply helping a dog to put their best paw forward. For instance, during the summer months when it gets very hot in Japan, many dog-owners bring their furry friends to Hamachiyo to relieve them of so much hot, heavy hair.


Dog-gone Gorgeous

But no matter the reason the dog-owners bring their canine companions to Hamachiyo’s salon, the results are always the same: a beautifully groomed, well-styled dog ready to strut their stuff and a satisfied human customer happy to take their dog’s photos with them when they go.


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