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Jared Kushner to Head the New Innovation Office

President Donald Trump is in the process of creating a new office that will adopt lessons and strategies from successful American businesses such as Tesla and Apple. The office will be tasked with speeding political reforms. Its main objective will be to correct government inefficiency. The new office, under the department of American Innovation in the White House, will be led by Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law. Trump hopes that the new office will be run like a company and is very optimistic that is will facilitate speedy reforms. Jared Kushner has already held meetings with Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Tim Cook.

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The new office will particularly focus on technology and data. According to President Donald Trump, the office will serve all Americans despite their differing political views because previously, the government has always suffered from stagnation. This stagnation, according to the President, often leads to widespread congestion which ultimately costs the taxpayers. He says that the office will be run like a company that intends to please its clients and customers with efficiency.

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Jared Kushner reiterated the President’s remarks on Sunday that the office will be run like a successful American company. Apart from addressing government inefficiency, the new office intends to serve all Americans fairly. The group is non-political. In order to ensure that’s its effective, only the best talent, both from within and outside government, will be called upon to serve. By fostering innovation, maintaining a freewheeling stance and being non-political, the office intends to draw the best talent, including the best brains from the silicon valley.

In a bid to prove its non-political ideology, Jared Kushner’s office has even reached out to people who have constantly criticized President Donald Trump’s policies. For instance, the President’s ban on Muslims was vehemently defied by Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. With the innovation office under the leadership of the young Jared Kushner, the Democrat-leaning Silicon Valley might find it very appealing.

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The office will address government inefficiency by modernizing the technology of most federal agencies. This will be done while upholding very high principles and ethical values. The partners are very impressed by the president’s choice of Jared Kushner because he looks very ambitious, collaborative and ready for the task. According to Jared Kushner, he has great ambitions regarding this new office. Among his goals will be to modernize the data and technology infrastructure of all federal agencies, to formulate new training facilitation for the employees and to facilitate the implementation of transformative projects such as ensuring that every American citizen gets broadband.

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