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Jason Momoa Loves Sharing Sweet Pics Of His Grandma Online, And The Internet Loves Him All The More For It

Jason Momoa’s screen presence has always been legendary, but folks who made the mistake of believing that he was as fierce as Khal Drogo or as untouchable as Aquaman were pleasantly surprised to see a softer side of the massive superstar. Glimpses into his personal life with his family, such as wife, Lisa Bonet, and the bio dad of his step-daughter, Lenny Kravitz, proved that the actor is a gentle giant. Nothing drove the point home harder than his charming interactions with his grandmother, though.

Grandmotherly Love

A set of exuberant photos featuring Momoa and his grinning gran, Mabel, quickly went viral. The photo that launched it all made it clear that, while some men are mama’s boys, Jason’s heart belonged to his grandmother.

Jason Momoa/Instagram

The love between them was unmistakable. Momoa shared photos of his reunion with his grandma on his Instagram page, @prideofgypsies. He updated his followers to let them know that he made a trip home to Iowa for some family time.

Time to Breathe

Jason shared another shot featuring a quiet, contemplative moment with his gran. Since his star blew up, it’s no wonder the man needed to take a few days to center himself with the love and support of his extended family.

Jason Momoa/Instagram

Whatever he talked about with his grandmother in those close, moving moments, it remained between the two of them. Fans were touched to be included in the moment via photograph, however. People found the love between grandmother and grandson to be inspiring.

Ohana Means Family

A faction of Hawaiian-born Momoa’s family lives in Iowa. During his visit, he not only saw his beloved gran, but he also spent time with the rest of his folks. Again, fans could spot the love between family members even through the picture.

Jason Momoa/Instagram

As Jason himself joked in his Instagram caption, Hawaii spelled backward is “Iiawah,” which looks like “Iowa!” All in all, it was lovely to see him interact with his Midwest fam.

What did you think of Jason’s visit with his grandmother?

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