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Even Without NASA, Jeff Bezos Still Wants To Colonize The Moon

Ever since the words “one small step for man” were uttered, every aerospace foundation across the world have toyed with the idea of moon colonization. NASA, however, has begun to treat the moon as an afterthought to Mars colonization. Still, one super-rich CEO refuses to ditch the idea!

NASA’s View On The Moon: “Dull As A Ball Of Concrete”

Back in 2016, NASA scientists revealed that for a mere $10 billion, colonizing the moon would be a piece of cake. However, Chris McKay (an astrobiologist) revealed that the moon was only a “blueprint to mars” and that the moon was “as dull as a ball of concrete.” It doesn’t seem like NASA is too keen on setting up a permanent colony— but one billionaire is hopeful.

NASA/Glenn Benson

Jeff Bezos: Uber-Ambitious Billionaire

Jeff Bezos is your average CEO: dreaming big with plenty of cash to back up his ambitions. The founder of Amazon has launched a variety of expensive endeavors, projects, and various other companies over the years. However, his establishment of one group, in particular, is what is currently stealing public attention for its wild and sudden reappearance!

Tom Stockill/Redux

Blue Origin: Bezos’s Luxury Space Travel

Blue Origin was founded by Bezos back in 2000. The company was created for “spaceflight services” and “aerospace manufacturing.” While it sounds a bit vague, the company has made some (literal) monumental strides through space already. Now, Bezos has his sights set on the future— and he won’t give up on the moon.

Jeff Bezos/Blue Origin

Bezos’ Plans In Motion: “We Have To Leave This Earth”

When Bezos first pitched his plans for moon colonization last year, he didn’t have much to back up his plans. This past weekend, though, Bezos attended the Space Development Conference and offered some more insight into his company’s plans: The Moon Village. “We have to leave this earth,” Bezos described— and he knows how we could do so!

Brent Lewis/The Denver Post/Getty Images

Bezos’ Concerns For Earth: “Convenient For Us Right Now”

Bezos believes the moon is optimal due to its sunlight exposure and ice and that the earth will deteriorate due to our industrialized nature. “It’s convenient for us right now,” he shared, but “it’ll start to be easier to do a lot of the things that we currently do on earth in space.” It sounds like Bezos has it all figured out! Hopefully, NASA will reconsider joining him!

Isaiah J. Downing/Reuters

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