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Jewel Opens Up About Her Heart-Wrenching Experience Being Homeless

Famous singer-songwriter Jewel recently recounted her life when she was young, dirt poor, and homeless during this week’s SALT Conference in Las Vegas.


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CNN Money reports that the multi-awarded singer told the audience about the travesty that is being homeless, saying that “people treated me like I was contagious. They thought the homelessness might spread to them.”

This was not the first time that Jewel spoke about the harsh realities of being homeless. In 2015, Jewel starred in a documentary about fighting homelessness with the group ReThink, a public housing advocacy group.

In the said documentary, she recalled a particular experience as a homeless person singing at coffee shops. A record-label was coming to see her perform one day so she wanted clean hair. As someone who didn’t have a home, she was used to washing her hair in public bathrooms and that day she went to Denny’s and tried washing her hair with hand soap in the bathroom sink.


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The moment she stood straight up to dry her hair with paper towels after bending down from the sink, she saw in the mirror that a line of annoyed women was behind and looking at her with disgust.

Looking at the faces of these women, Jewel said that it was then she realized that she was “a homeless girl washing [her] hair in the sink.”

Jewel admitted that she felt absolutely embarrassed at that moment so she quickly left the bathroom. Unfortunately, she heard one woman saying, “She seemed pretty enough, I wonder why she ended up like that.”

The musician also said that there were a lot of misconceptions about public housing and the people who live there as she experienced it first-hand. She narrated sadly, that the more misconceptions people have about homelessness and public housing, the less compassionate they become toward homeless people.


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While Jewel’s life has obviously made a complete turnaround, she has yet to forget about her difficult past. She is known to partner and support organizations that help people to get better opportunities in life.

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