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Woman Discovers The Truth About Her Boyfriend From The Jimmy John’s Delivery Man

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Kayla Speer Story - Jimmy John's

Having and maintaining a long-distance relationship is a skill to work at. For Iowa native Kayla Speer, the experience was hard, but she had a great idea how to keep the flame lit even from far away: sending a present in the form of a Jimmy John’s sandwich, to be delivered to her boyfriend.

She had no way of knowing the catastrophic consequences of her simple act of kindness. And when the delivery man pulled up to the front door, what he happened to see by chance was something he just couldn’t keep to himself. It would have been immoral.

1. A Stranger On The Line

When Kayla Speer heard her cell phone ring one fated day, she was instantly filled with excitement. Her first thoughts were that the it would be the recipient of the gift she’d just sent, calling to express his gratitude. However, that was far from being the case.

Kayla Speer - Jimmy Johns

Kayla Paige/Facebook

Instead, she was surprised to see that the incoming call was from a Jimmy John’s delivery man. This had been no normal order. On the other end of the line, the delivery guy was grappling with the decision of whether he should do something about what he had just seen. As it turned out, he had something to report that would knock Kayla off her feet.

2. Goal-Oriented

Twenty-three-year-old Kayla Speer had her eyes focused on her goals. She was on track to getting her degree in Kinesiology and Health at Iowa State University, and to do that meant she barely had any free time, as she was spending most of her time off working as a personal trainer.

Iowa State University - Kayla Speer

Joe Wolf/Flickr

But quite recently, something wonderful had happened to Kayla to lighten her load, something that gave her more focus and grounding as she pushed ahead with her goals. Someone had come into her life who was about to change everything.

3. New Directions

Kayla had a new boyfriend, and although they had only been together for three months, it had been a whirlwind romance. For Kayla, having this final piece in her life meant everything was truly falling into place the way she wanted.

kayla speer - Jimmy John's discovery

Facebook/Kayla Speer

Kayla found herself in a new regimen that worked perfectly. She had her job in a field that was right up her alley. She had her studies, and now a dream man. Unfortunately, circumstances were about to make that a whole lot more difficult.

4. Separate But Together

As new and exciting as their relationship was, they were about to encounter a stumbling block in their journey together, something that they’d have to overcome. Kayla’s boyfriend was on track to graduate from college, which ordinarily would make for happy tidings.

kayla speer boyfriend


But that meant he would have to go back to the big city in order to complete his studies. Spending time apart from him would be a hard pill to swallow. But letting him achieve his goals would turn out to have consequences she could not foresee.

5. Letting Him Go

At the end of the day, Kayla knew that as much as she hoped to keep her boyfriend close by her, she would have to let him fulfill his goals. She assisted him in packing, got him a going-away present, and wished him well.

kayla speer


To Kayla, it seemed like the right thing to do, and the obvious solution in order to make things work. Little did she know that watching him ride away would have major consequences, ones that would eventually set the Internet ablaze.

6. Long-Distance

Staying in touch in a long distance relationship is always a tricky challenge. It was difficult to get used to her new reality and this new phase of Kayla’s relationship with her boyfriend, but she made an effort to adapt.

kayla speer - Jimmy John's delivery


The pair texted every day. It was the best they could do in order to keep the flame burning even at a distance. Soon, though, the texts stopped coming. Something was off. And it was that moment of hesitation that would ultimately a string of events that would turn into an Internet sensation.

7. Never Assume The Worst

At first, Kayla didn’t freak out too much over the communication breakdown. She didn’t want to assume the worst, and gave him the benefit of the doubt. He was bound to be stressed out by the new transition, and she didn’t want to overwhelm him.

kayla speer


They were both working hard to achieve their goals, and that made her glad. But regardless, she knew she had to do something about it. She had to find a way to make sure their relationship stayed steady, but without drowning him out.

8. Jimmy John’s

Kayla’s boyfriend was in the thick of studying for finals — or so he told her. She had to find a way to show him she cared without disrupting his study flow too much. So in a burst of creativity, she innocently dialed her local Jimmy John’s sandwich joint.

jimmy johns

Nate Grigg/Flickr

It was a simple plan involving a Jimmy John’s delivery, just a small act of kindness. But in reality, by making that phone call, for better or for worse, Kayla had just set off an unbelievable chain of events that would have shocking results.

9. Far And Away

As she placed her order on the phone with the representative from the Jimmy John’s sandwich company, Kayla gave them an unusual request: even though she was calling from West Burlington, she wanted the delivery to a location three hours away — her boyfriend’s apartment.

Kayla Speer - Cheating Boyfriend

Jimmy John’s Franchise, LLC/Wikimedia Commons

Even though it was way far off and she wouldn’t be in the city to be able to sign for the Jimmy John’s delivery, to her delight, they agreed to take the order. And what they would discover as a result of that decision would shake up Kayla’s world.

10. Setting Out

Ordinarily, most businesses would have declined Kayla’s order. The usual requirement would be that she would have had to physically be present so that the order could be charged to her card. But the sandwich delivery from Jimmy John’s made an exception and said yes.

Kayla Speer - Cheating Boyfriend


Kayla knew that as he studied, her boyfriend would need some refueling from the inside out. He had just texted her saying he would be napping and therefore out of commission for a while. But things were far from what they seemed. There was a hidden secret awaiting the Jimmy John’s delivery man.

11. Last Message

Kayla was under the impression that her boyfriend was about to take a nap, still she didn’t want to let her surprise to go unanswered. So she decided to send one last quick message for her boyfriend, saying the food was on its way, and asking him to leave a tip when it arrived.

kayla speer - jimmy johns


He thanked her, and then tuned out, just as he’d warned he would. And in the time that passed, as Kayla waited for confirmation of the Jimmy John’s delivery, something completely unexpected was taking place, something she could have no way of knowing about.

12. Waiting Patiently

Three hours away from her boyfriend’s campus, Kayla was so glad that the representative from the Jimmy John’s sandwich company had agreed to help her out. She could picture the smile on his face as he received her present, and knew she’d done well.

kayla jimmy johns


Kayla knew it was the perfect thing to do for her boyfriend under these circumstances. It was the right balance between showing him she cared without smothering him while he studied. So when her phone rang, she was surprised to see who was calling.

13. Strange Caller

It wasn’t Kayla’s boyfriend on the other line. Confused, she picked up. It was a representative from the Jimmy John’s sandwich company. As she prepared to answer, she contemplated the reason for the call. She assumed he was calling her to inform her that the food had been delivered successfully to her boyfriend.

Kayla Speer - Jimmy Johns Workers

Jimmy John’s/Facebook

Or perhaps, on the negative side of things, she thought there had been a problem processing her order and her credit card or something of the sort. But by assuming the best, she was not at all prepared for the bombshell the caller was about to drop.

14. An Unfortunate Phone Call

Kayla wondered if perhaps the delivery man had not been able to find her boyfriend’s dorm, but that was far from the case. He had, in fact, found the apartment, but that was not the issue at hand. He had grim news.

Jimmy Johns Delivery Man


The Jimmy John’s delivery man told Kayla he didn’t usually do this. His voice sounded hesitant as he told her he thought she would like to know what he had seen when he arrived at the apartment. Kayla didn’t understand. What on Earth was he talking about?

15. Peering Inside

The Jimmy John’s delivery man continued relaying his message to Kayla. Her gift had successfully reached its destination, but it was far from an ordinary package run. He hadn’t just delivered the sandwich — he was now delivering some utterly surreal news.

Apartment Windows - Kayla Speer Cheating Boyfriend


When the Jimy John’s delivery guy had walked up to the door to Kayla’s boyfriend’s place, he could see into the apartment from the window on the front door itself. And what he saw was such a shock that he couldn’t just keep it to himself.

16. Moment Of Truth

Kayla’s heart skipped a beat as she listened to the delivery man. He had seen, through the window of her boyfriend’s apartment, that her boyfriend was in his boxers on the couch. Nothing too out of the ordinary, apart from who else was with him.

Jimmy John Delivery - Kayla Speer

Valerie Everett/Flickr

According to the delivery man, he had seen a woman without any clothes on top of Kayla’s boyfriend. Kayla was absolutely gobsmacked. How could anyone react to hearing something like that? And how could she believe this random guy from Jimmy John’s?

17. Second Guessing

The situation was altogether absurd. Kayla had no way of knowing what was truly going on. At first she was inclined to think it was a practical joke. She even laughed, albeit somewhat nervously, trying not to let the news faze her.

kayla speer jimmy john's


She was relying on her positive outlook in order to maintain her composure after hearing such a shocking statement. Maybe this was all part of an elaborate prank, and her boyfriend had enlisted the delivery man’s help to toy with her?

18. Last Ditch

Kayla began to pepper the delivery man with questions to see if it all added up. She asked him to describe her boyfriend’s appearance, to verify the address, to tell her what name he’d used in his signature for the order. She even asked what type of car was parked outside.

kayla speer jimmy john's


And as the delivery man correctly answered each question, what had at first been hesitancy for Kayla quickly turned to absolute dread. She knew now that the delivery man had no reason to lie. But that wasn’t the only thing the caller had to say.

19. An Awkward Admission

The delivery man from Jimmy John’s sounded incredibly ill at ease. He admitted to Kayla that quite honestly the whole experience had been so uncomfortable that he couldn’t wait to get away. He admitted that he had simply given her boyfriend the sandwich and split.

Kayla Speer Delivery Man Walking


Just a single phone call had completely shaken the foundation of Kayla’s world and the sense of order she’d managed to construct for herself. Kayla was indescribably hurt and embarrassed, but it was a moment of clarity. Not long thereafter, she knew exactly what to do.

20. Can’t Handle The Truth

Once she got off the phone with the Jimmy John’s delivery man, Kayla was distraught, but there was only one thing to do. Kayla dialed her boyfriend to confront him. She felt empowered because she knew a complete stranger like the delivery man wouldn’t invent such a story.

kayla speer jimmy john's


The facts and truth were on her side. She knew now that her boyfriend’s claim about being out of commission because of a nap was just another piece of his disgusting ruse. How would he react, though, when she pulled the rug out from under his feet?

21. Pants On Fire

Unsurprisingly, even when confronted outright, Kayla’s cheating, sneaking boyfriend didn’t come clean. He denied everything she relayed to him. But she was more than prepared. She fired back, saying the Jimmy John’s delivery guy had revealed all the details to her.

kayla speer jimmy john's

Facebook/Kayla Speer

He then attempted an even more desperate move. He tried lying to her and claiming it hadn’t been him. But she would not be had. She called their ruined relationship quits then and there. But she was far from done.

22. Taking To The Keyboard

Hanging up the phone on her busted boyfriend and trying to move on meant hanging up an entire chapter of her life. The story itself was just too wild to keep to herself. So Kayla took to her Twitter, writing out the entire chain of events.

Kayla Speer - twitter

Her tale of betrayal, bizarre as it was satisfying, instantly went viral, getting almost 3,000 likes and scores of shares. Kayla received an outpouring of sympathy and support from the online world. And there was one particular person who unexpectedly happened to take notice.

23. Corporate Level

Anything can happen by putting yourself out there in the cyber universe, especially when a story goes viral. Kayla had been gracious enough to give credit where credit was due, and a key person reached out. It was a representative from the Jimmy John’s company itself!

Kayla Speer - Jimmy Johns Restaurant


Whoever managed the company’s official Twitter account had seen the story, and they were flattered for the gratitude that she had expressed for their humble sandwich delivery man who had been put in an awkward position. The company’s online representative had a hilarious idea.

24. Brilliant Idea

The Jimmy John’s delivery man had done Kayla an immense act of kindness, uncomfortable as it may have been, by helping her see the truth about the sham of her relationship. And as compensation for what Kayla had gone through, the company presented her a kind offer.

Kayla Speer - Jimmy John Workers

Jimmy John’s/Facebook

To her surprise, they said they would be happy to cater an event for her, one that was certainly unusual but guaranteed to bring a huge smile to her face: a break-up party! Given how raw the feelings still were, perhaps she wasn’t ready for jokes. Would she accept?

25. All The Way Up

Kayla’s story had resonated with plenty of Twitter users, including the official Jimmy John’s account. The sandwich franchise’s executive leadership was more than aware of their entity’s involvement. In fact, the company’s chief marketing officer, John Shea, chimed in with his own two cents.

Jimmy John's Sandwich

Jimmy John’s/Facebook

The fact that his company’s delivery boy had felt a sense of moral duty to Kayla was not out of place. Shea told BuzzFeed News, “We’re freaks about everything we do, from our products to our process. And customer service is no exception.” What else did people have to say?

26. Lunchtime Hero

Rarely had a sandwich company generated so much online praise. But the selfless actions of the Jimmy John’s delivery man really resonated with a much wider audience than just Kayla herself. On Twitter, some people pointed out what excellent customer service it was.

Kayla Speer - Typing on Laptop

EVG photos/Pexels

Another Twitter user responded with the highest praise for Jimmy John’s, saying they were “the real MVP”. Upon seeing the buzz the extremely unusual story was generating, various media outlets reached out to Kayla. It was overwhelming. But someone had her back.

27. Friendly Advice

Thankfully, Kayla had a wonderful group of friends to offer her the support and love she would need to get through the hurt of being slighted and the transition after the breakup. But even among her posse, opinions were divided.

friends kayla speer jimmy johns

Facebook/Kayla Speer

They asked one another: what would you have done in that situation? Not everyone could agree on what the best order of operations would have been, whether to reach out to the customer at all, and whether to confront the boyfriend directly. They banded together — something had to be done.

28. Triumphant Celebration

It turns out that what Jimmy John’s had in mind was exactly what Kayla was looking for. Kayla appreciated the humor that the representative from Jimmy John’s had in reaching out to her. She took them up on the idea with gusto, and her break-up fiesta was born.

jimmy john's - kayla speer


She invited a bunch of her friends over for an epic break-up party in the form of a poolside bash, with plenty of sandwiches and side dishes all catered by Jimmy John’s. But there was one last piece missing from the whole story.

29. Incognito Mode

Given the high amount of exposure that her story received, and the fact that she’d even managed to get the Jimmy John’s executives involved, you would think that Kayla would have been able to find the delivery guy who’d helped her ditch her cheating boyfriend.

kayla speer jimmy john's


Alas, it was not to be. Kayla never managed to learn the delivery man’s name or even what he looked like. Despite the viral success of her story, he had been too humble to reach out. He remained an anonymous savior. Still, she had a message for him.

30. Anonymous Helper

Kayla says that despite all the kindness she’s received, she still wishes she had the opportunity to say thank you to the Jimmy John’s delivery guy just one more time. She feels not everyone would have done what he did in his position.

kayla speer jimmy john's


Despite the difficult situation, Kayla forged on, emboldened by the experience and eager for what the future could hold. She now knows that some people are motivated by goodness and human decency to go above and beyond their jobs — and flush out scoundrels for what they are.

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