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How Jon Stewart Is Spending His Retirement Saving Animals (Like These Adorable Goats)

Jon and Tracey Stewart believe in taking care of animals. They’ve converted their New Jersey farm into an extension of Farm Sanctuary, an organization that helps save animals in New York. So when the New York Subway system found two lost animals on their subway tracks, they knew just who to call.

Subway Goats In Peril

Willy and Billy, two goats wandering lost on the subway tracks in Brooklyn, were in danger. They weren’t familiar with the subway schedule and could’ve stepped onto the wrong side of the tracks at any moment. When the subway employees spotted them, they knew they couldn’t leave the pair without help.

They called the Farm Sanctuary in New York for help. Since Tracey and Jon Stewart have made it their mission to give lost animals a fair shot at a good life, they headed to Brooklyn.

Stewarts To The Rescue

When the couple got there, they joined the talented workers with Farm Sanctuary to rescue the trouble-makers. The scared goats were loaded into the back of a waiting truck, and driven upstate to their new home.

Although no one knows how Willy and Billy got in the subway, ultimately it didn’t matter. The important thing was that there were caring people like those at the sanctuary, and the Stewarts, looking out for them.

A Safe New Home

The goats who spent their days terrified on the subway tracks in Brooklyn, now live a proper goat’s life. They hang out with the other goats at the Farm Sanctuary, eat good food, drink clean water, and play with their new friends.

They get all the love and attention they need. Now they don’t need to worry about their lives, thanks to people who not only care about animals but act on that love to make the world a better place. Not a bad way to spend your retirement!

Check out the goats going to their new home.

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