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Kangaroos Got Up In This Paragliders Face Upon Landing, And He Captured It All In A Now-Viral Video

What would you do if you were a landing paraglider and got attacked by kangaroos? That’s the question that paraglider, Jonathan Bishop, faced when he was greeted by not-so-friendly kangaroos at the Orroral Space Tracking Station in Australia. His wacky video of the marsupial attack went viral when he uploaded it to ViralHog on March 8, 2019.

Revenge Of The Kangaroos

Bishop was preparing to land after paragliding across Australia for two hours near Austalia’s capital city, Canberra. He had finally found a safe place to land. As he prepared to land, he suddenly noticed that there were two angry kangaroos rapidly charging toward him. Thankfully, he captured the entire attack with his GoPro camera.

“As it ran towards me I thought it was being friendly so I said ‘What’s Up, Skip?’ It then attacked me twice before hopping away,” Bishop described in the video description. The footage captured the kangaroo taking two angry swipes at him and then leaping away into the distance.

Man Vs. Two Angry Roos

Bishop was able to drive the wild kangaroos away by shouting a string of insults at them. “Hey! Back off! Go away!” he yelled as the crazy kangaroos hopped away as quickly as they had come.

Shaken by the incident, Bishop recounted, “I packed up my paraglider and had to walk several kilometers to get phone reception and call a friend to come and collect me.”

From Paraglider to Kangaroo Fighter

This viral video is not the first incident of kangeroos fighting civilians. In Australia, kangaroos have been known to jump out of the bush and to attack defenseless humans with their long claws.

However, the best way to survive a kangaroo attack is to turn to the side and to back away slowly. Although he did quite the opposite, Bishop was fortunate to escape this quirky encounter with only a minor scratch on his arm and an outlandish story to tell.

Social media reactions were pricless

Twitter user @FlightDreamz thoughtfully asked “I wonder if the #kangaroo was protecting its young? Glad the #paraglider is ok!”

Twitter user @xhertx agrees, saying “Defending its turf from strange big bird!”

Twitter user @Omega_Zero69 sums its up perfectly when he says “Sounds pretty Australian to me.”

Check out this viral video of the kangaroo attack:

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved