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This Entire Kansas College Football Team Shaved Their Heads In Solidarity With Coach With Cancer

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Regardless of the sport, teammates form an unbreakable bond that leads them to share many important life moments together. The entire football team at Lyon College in Batesville Arkansas shaved their heads bald. This wasn’t some silly college dare. They took this action to show support their coach, Kris Sweet, who has recently been diagnosed with B-cell-non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of cancer. His team’s touching gesture has made the encouraging hashtag #SweetStrong go viral.

A Coach Who Makes A Difference

Football players form relationships with dozens of coaches throughout their playing careers, but there is something about Kris Sweet that makes him stand out from all the rest. Sweet is the offensive coordinator at Lyon, and players appreciate the way he has always been so supportive of them. He pushed them past their boundaries and he shows that he believes in them, even as they struggle to learn new skills.

Since the team is so close-knit, Sweet knew that he couldn’t keep his health struggles a secret. A few weeks after the team returned from summer break, Sweet made the shocking announcement that he had been diagnosed with cancer. At that point, the team did see any visible signs that something was wrong with their beloved coach, but they were still very shaken by the news. He explained that it was his intention to remain with the team for as long as possible but that he may have to be absent from training from time to time to receive treatment.

Going Bald For The Cause

Currently, Coach Sweet is undergoing chemotherapy. He is still able to play an active role with the team, but, as a side effect of the chemotherapy, he is prematurely going bald. Despite his personal struggles, Sweet is still the same loveable person. Of their own volition, his players decided to do something for him. They did not want him to feel unusual for being the only bald person on the team.

After discussing the idea for a few days, one teammate brough a pair of clippers to practice. The entire Lyon College football team, including many of the other coaches, shaved their heads completely bald.

After they were finished, the team decided to pay a surprise visit to Sweet’s office. Since he has an open-door policy, it was not unusual for a few athletes to shuffle into his office. As they began to file in by the dozens, Sweet started to understand their kind gesture. He was overcome with emotion, and he made a point to hug every single man.

Making Coach’s Day

The touching moment between Sweet and his team has been captured for the entire world to enjoy.

As the video shows, this is a team with as much love for each other as they have talent. The original video has more than 500 retweets and 2,000 likes. This story has touched people all over the country, and it a variety of new agencies have also picked it up. After a great day as a team, the Lyon Scots had a great day on the field. They beat the Missouri Baptist Spartans 14-10. Despite the adversity they are facing, Coach Sweet and his entire team are looking to the future with hope. They are #SweetStrong! We wish for coach Sweet to have a speedy recovery and for his team to enjoy a successful season!

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