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Keanu Reeves Secretly Donates Millions Of Dollars To Children’s Charities Annually

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Did you know that Keanu Reeves is the ultimate philanthropist? Not only is the elusive John Wick star a legendary actor, but he’s also an advocate for children’s hospitals and cancer patients. Although Keanu hasn’t mentioned his charitable actions since 2009, he’s continued to give money to charity every year. Find out why Keanu Reeves is secretly donating millions of dollars to children’s charities annually.

Charity King

Surprisingly, Keanu has been contributing his paychecks to children’s hospitals for over 10 years. Apparently, he even created his own private charitable foundation more than a decade ago. He has been reportedly been donating millions to sick children ever since. Reeves first dished about his charity donations in an interview with Ladies Home Journal in 2009. The star told Ladies Home Journal that “I have a private foundation that’s been running for five or six years, and it helps aid a couple of children’s hospitals and cancer research. I don’t like to attach my name to it, I just let the foundation do what it does.” Is there anything that this down-to-earth actor doesn’t do?

Even before Reeves spoke publically about his humanitarian work, he had appeared on multiple charity telethons to encourage others to contribute to philanthropic causes. About Keanu’s nonprofit efforts, The List stated that “public efforts found him manning the phones at a Stand Up to Cancer telethon in 2008. Stars like Reeves generously gave their time and used their star power to encourage fans to become callers, donors, and participants in the efforts to heal cancer.”

Donation Champion

Although Keanu has been quietly donating to charities for a long time, the internet collectively forgot about his philanthropic work until now. Regardless, Reeves has spent a large portion of his life giving back to those in need at this point. Supposedly, he has a very personal reason for his donations to cancer patients. Evidently, his little sister Kim received a leukemia diagnosis almost 30 years ago. Allegedly, she spent 10 years struggling with her illness until she finally went into remission. That would definitely explain the Matrix actor’s good-hearted charity work.

The 54-year-old acting veteran also revealed why he prefers gifting his riches instead of spending them. In an interview with Hello! magazine, Reeves shared that “Money doesn’t mean anything to me. I give lots away and live simply. We all know that good health is much more important.” According to legend, the humble star even opts to live in a modest, two-bedroom Hollywood home and likes to ride the subway!

Nonstop Nonprofit

For now, Keanu’s nonstop non-profit work will most likely remain under the radar. But that doesn’t mean that the altruistic actor won’t stop giving. In fact, Reeves also gave monetary aid to Spinal Cord Opportunities for Rehabilitation Endowment, which assists patients who suffer from spinal cord injuries. As if that wasn’t enough, the Speed star is rumored to have purchased a home for his mom, bought motorcycles for the entire stunt crew on The Matrix set, and accepted a pay cut for movies to hire bigger actors like Devil’s Advocate’s Al Pacino. We’re excited to see what this generous actor does next!

When AmoMama Nostalgia posted about Keanu’s charitable work on Facebook, social media reactions were overwhelming! The media site’s Facebook post received over 1,100 likes, almost 150 comments, and over 125 shares. The astounding social media response for Keanu’s philanthropy is proof that he’s much more than just a movie star. Reeves is changing the lives of children and cancer patients for the better each year, and that is something that he definitely deserves an award for!

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