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Keanu Reeves Surprised This Fan By Adding A Heartfelt Message On Her ‘Breathtaking’ Sign

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The world has known for quite some time that Keanu Reeves is an iconic actor, but, in recent months, he seems to be showing us just how great of a person he is. Whether it’s not getting too handsy with female fans or telling a crowd that they are “breathtaking,” Keanu Reeves keeps on delivering amazing fan experiences. When New Orleans native Stacey Hunt heard that Reeves was filming in her town, she put a sign in her yard for him. She never could have imagined that he would see it, sign it, and knock on her door.

Keanu Reeves is coming to town

Keanu Reeves has been in Louisiana for some time filming Bill and Ted Face the Music. Stacey Hunt and her family are huge fans of Reeves, so they know plenty of the little things he has said. Last year at a convention, Keanu famously told the crowd of fans “you’re breathtaking.” Since they are such huge fans, Stacey and her family wanted to catch Reeves attention. Stacey’s son got the idea to write “you’re breathtaking” on a sign, and the rest of the family loved the idea. They bought a corrugated plastic sign and put the painted the famous phrase in big bold letters. After posting the sign in their yard, they did not expect much to happen.

The Hunt Family lives on the main street in their small town, so they hoped that Keanu or a member of his crew would see their sign. Their wishes were granted rather quickly. Less than a day after they posted the sign in their yard, Keanu Reeves himself drove by the sign. He asked his driver to pull over so that the could get a closer look at the sign. Being the polite man that he is, Keanu knocked on the door to get the homeowner’s permission before he put his autograph on the sign. In addition to his autograph, Reeves also wrote: “You’re breathtaking, Stacey.”

Stacey’s tweet goes viral

Fortunately, Stacey and two of her sons were home, and they were ecstatic to meet one of their favorite actors in person. Of course, they gave him permission to put his autograph on the sign. Before signing it, Keanu took a few minutes to get to know the family better. He took pictures with them, and Stacey posted the pictures on Twitter.

Needless to say, this unbelievable moment went viral. In addition to the attention, Stacey’s friends and family gave the pictures, the famous writer of Bill and Ted Face the Music, Ed Solomon also made a post about the sign and the fans who made it. Keanu Reeves fans, New Orleans locals, and media outlets from all over the world quickly turned their attention to Stacey and her sons.

Life after Keanu

Since Keanu Reeves paid her a visit, Stacey has appeared on Access Hollywood and done a number of interviews. Quotes from her have even appeared in CNN article. As if Stacey and her sons were not diehard Keanu Reeves fans before, they are certainly going to be lifelong supporters now. For these fans, Keanu Reeves certainly lived up to his kind, humble, all-around good guy persona.

This story proves that life can surprise us when we dream big. With a little bit of innovation, a superstar could come knocking on your door too. Especially with social media, celebrities are more accessible than ever. Rihanna and JuJu Smith-Schuster are just a few of the celebrities who have attended prom with fans. The world can be much smaller than you think! The Hunts probably won’t be removing the now-famous sign from their yard anytime soon.

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