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Keep Your Home Clean All Week With These Three Quick Tips

Cleaning can be a stressful task, especially when the messes pile up. Here are three quick and easy tips to take the chore out of keeping your home tidy.

Number One: Get Organized

When your broom, dustpan, vacuum and spray cleaners are organized, it makes it a lot easier to quickly pick up spills. Think beyond a collection of cleaning fluids jammed in a pile under the kitchen sink, and dedicate a closet to all of your cleaning tools.

Make sure to keep the closet well-stocked. With the right tools at hand, you can break the cleaning task up and get the job done a little bit at a time. Making cleaning a regular part of your daily routine is another key way to make cleaning easier. When neglected, dirt gets exponentially worse.

Small, Daily Chores

Figure out what gets dirty the most, and add those areas to daily cleaning. If you have pets that scatter hair and fur all over the kitchen floor, a quick daily sweep will keep these unsightly messes at bay.

When cleaning is managed like an ongoing process – not a laborious weekend project – you’ll lose the exhaustion and gain more time to enjoy your clean home with your family. And speaking of your family, another path to efficient cleaning is to get others in on the “fun.”

Team Work

Get cleaning out of the way and share the satisfaction of a job well done. Avoid arguments with your spouse, significant other or family members by collaborating instead of assigning work.

Working together can have side benefits, too. According to a Brigham Young University study, sharing routine household chores can increase marital happiness. A clean and happy home can be easy to achieve. With these quick tips, you’ll be ready and organized to turn cleaning into a simple, effective and fun routine.

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