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Kids Who Upstaged Newlyweds In Hysterical Weddings Photos

Weddings usually focus on two committed people making a public display of their love. Yet when kids are involved, they somehow manage to find a way to steal the spotlight. Flower girls burst into tears and tantrums, the ring bearer runs away from his post, and a little one photobombs every shot of the newlyweds. Thankfully, the antics of children can be laughed off and taken in stride, but only long after the wedding reception is over.

Hitting The Bottle

Whether she’s frustrated about being the flower girl and not the bride, or she is cranky after waiting hours to finally sit down and eat, a drink is in order. Just look at the intensity of the emotion written all over this girl’s face. And while she’s at it, it looks like her friend could use a refill.

Huffington Post Life

Beat The Groom To The Bride

This little guy probably paid attention in history class when they mentioned first night, first right, and just wanted to check the bride out before the groom could get first dibs. Then again, any kid would be curious about what’s under all those layers of tulle, satin, and lace of a wedding gown. Now he knows, and he can’t unsee it.


Wedding Objections

Maybe this flower girl was just tuckered out after all the rehearsals, preparation, and finally having to perform on the big day. If anyone wanted to speak their peace when offered the chance, this little one knows exactly how to protest the vows of the newlyweds and their union of matrimony.

Craig Paulson Photography / Life Buzz

Wedding Cooties

There’s nothing like being caught by the camera in the throes of picking your nose, and then the flower girl wants to lean in for a kiss. This little ring bearer isn’t having any of this wedding business anytime soon. Love may be in the air, but this kid doesn’t have time for that when there’s gold to be found in those nostrils.


Mmm Food… Nom Nom Nom

Let’s face it: this young wedding guest has the right idea. The best way to show how much a wedding can work up an appetite—and show how much you appreciate the catering—is to shovel it all in at once. This must be some pretty superb pasta, because he’s all hands, no fork.

Ken Pak Photography

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