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Kind Mystery Man Helps Girl Scouts Get Out Of The Cold, Buying Entire Stock Of Cookies For $540

Emerson and Maya are two Girl Scouts who live in Greenville, South Carolina. They were selling girl scout cookies outside of a local store when a man paid $540 to purchase every box they had. The generous man bought the cookies because he said he didn’t want standing outside in the cold any longer. After going viral for the humongous cookies purchase, the cookie connoisseur ended up on the news for an entirely different reason.

A Big Sale

Although temperatures weren’t as unbearably low as they were in other parts of the country, it was pretty cold in Greenville, South Carolina. Kayla Dillard, a mother, was accompanying two Girl Scouts named Emerson and Maya.

They had an average day of sales, but things were about to get extraordinary! An unassuming gentleman walked up to their table and proudly announced that they could go home because he was going to buy all of their cookies.

Who Is The Mystery Man?

The unnamed man said he wanted the two young girls to get out of the cold weather. Mrs. Dillard and the two little Scouts were beyond excited. Emerson and Maya took pictures with the mystery man. Mrs. Dillard made a Facebook post about the interaction, as was originally reported by Delish.

Unfortunately, the man wouldn’t remain nameless for much longer. Within days of making headlines for being a Good Samaritan, he would find himself in another less flattering section of the newspaper.

A Strange Turn Of Events

The generous man, named Detric McGowan, was one of eleven people arrested in a federal drug bust. Authorities insist that his interaction with the Girl Scouts had nothing to do with his arrest. They were already investigating Mr. McGowan, and he coincidentally became famous right before his arrest. In light of this shocking development, Mrs. Dillard removed her original post. 

The Girl Scouts organization has looked into the matter. Mrs. Dillard and her scouts were never put in any danger, and there was nothing that could have been done to prevent the situation. Karen Kelly, the Vice President of Marketing for the Girl Scouts of South Carolina says, “we have no reason to believe that this man was anything other than one of our valued customers.” Regardless of the background of the man who made the purchase, the Girl Scouts were rewarded for their persistence. 

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved