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These Kindhearted Firefighters Saved One Of The Most Unlikely Animals

Fire Marshal David McCain and Firefighter Jobeth Holmes, from Richburg Fire-Rescue in South Carolina, were in the engine bay at their firehouse one hot morning when they noticed a figure on the ground. When they got closer, they saw it was a tiny, emerald-green hummingbird lying on the concrete, unable to move. They knew they couldn’t leave her there and that they had to do something!

Hummingbirds Are Common Here

Hummingbirds migrate to South Carolina in late March and stay until around mid-October. They rely on nectar from flowers and hummingbird feeders to live and have to eat every few hours to stay alive.

Facebook: Richburg Fire-Rescue

They have fast metabolisms to keep up with their zippy flying, so if a hummingbird gets stuck where it can’t access food, its life is in danger.

Discovering An Exhausted Hummingbird

On the morning the firefighters discovered the small hummingbird in their engine bay, it was hot, and they knew she was in trouble. This actually wasn’t the first time they found a hummingbird in the bay, and they knew exactly what to do.

Facebook: Richburg Fire-Rescue

They took the top of a water bottle and made a mixture of sugar and water for her. Then they sat on the ground and encouraged her to drink.

Firefighters Save The Day

McCain, Holmes, and some other members of the firefighting crew sat around the hummingbird, feeding her nectar until she was able to stand. They knew she was going to need all of her strength to get flying again on what was sure to be a hot day.

Facebook: Richburg Fire-Rescue

So, they encouraged her to drink her fill and then some. Eventually, she was strong enough to fly away and search out more nectar. Hummingbirds are loyal though, so she’ll probably return to visit the kind firefighters who saved her life. Let’s hope she doesn’t get trapped in the bay again. But if she does, we know they’ll save her all over again.

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