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Kitty Gets Truly Meow-gical Party For 15th Birthday

Meet Luna the luckiest kitty in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her family describes her as “an absolute sweetheart. She purrs so loud so easily as soon as you touch her. She loves curling up with people, sunbathing and loves laying on her back on the floor.” Luna’s family loves her so much, in fact, that they chose an interesting way to celebrate her 15th birthday.

A Lost Kitten

Luna was a tiny little kitten, only three weeks old, when the family found her wandering at the side of the road and decided to adopt her.


Loving Luna

Angel Olavarria, Luna’s human sister, said that “We actually named her Luna because of my sister’s room design at the time when we brought her inside.”


Big Personality

Luna has been a cherished member of the Olavarria family for many years, outliving all of their other pets and charming them with her big personality.


A Special Celebration

When Luna’s 15th birthday was approaching, Angel’s mom wanted to do something special for their beloved feline. She decided to throw her a quinceañera celebration.


The Quinceañera

Traditionally, a quinceañera is a big party that is thrown to celebrate a young girl’s transition into womanhood when she turns 15 years old.


Our Little Cheeseball

“We love her to pieces and we wanted to do something special for her, so for her 15th birthday we decided to give our little cheeseball a surprise quinceañera,” Angel said.


Joking Or No?

Angel said, “I totally thought my mom was joking when she said she was going to order a dress for her. My mom never jokes about our pets.”


A Special Dress

In true quinceañera tradition, Angel’s mom even found a crown and a frilly pink dress on Amazon for Luna to wear on her special day.


The Proper Preparation

When the big day arrived, the house was decked out with pink decorations, flowers, and balloons. Twelve friends and family members joined in the celebration.


Tuna For The Win

“She was such a good sport through the whole thing that we think she actually knew we were celebrating her,” Angel said. “She loved it more when we opened up a nice can of tuna for her.”


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